June 22, 2024

God Reveals The True Meaning & Purpose of Humbleness

What does it mean to be humble? We often describe it as meekness, modesty, or submission. But is there a more precise description of humility? To some it comes natural, for me it takes work! To understand the significance and depth of this word “humble” as Yah revealed it to me, it’s important that you […]

Matthew 12: Who The Pharisees Really Were

The Gospel of Matthew is uniquely rich in enlightening and prophetic content that tells readers about the modern identities and characteristics of biblical characters. Matthew 2 tells us about the purpose and character of parents faithful to God and the character and workings of both Yah (God) and Satan. Matthew 3 gives us insight regarding the […]

Matthew 3: Repentance and Baptism

Summary Highlights: Matthew 3 begins with the story of John the Baptist. John began teaching repentance and the coming kingdom of God in the wilderness of Judea. The writer mentions that this had been prophesied by Isaiah. In the prophecy, John was to prepare the way for Jesus. John baptized people as they confessed their […]

Matthew 11: The Hidden Things Belong to God’s Children

Summary Highlights: Chapter 11 gives a beautiful message to Israel, which is sort of a pleading from Yeshua for the children of the Most High to follow him. He tells us why and how we should follow him. He explains that we must become one with him, learn from him, and carry the load with him. […]

Matthew 10: Israel, Called To Be Disciples of Yeshua

Summary Highlights: This chapter explains that there is a difference between discipleship and other roles. First, it is important to know what a disciple is. The Greek word for disciple is ‘mathētēs’ which means LEARNER. This makes perfect sense, since the leader of a learner, in this chapter, is a teacher, just as the head […]

Matthew 9: The Power Given To Men

Summary Highlights:  Chapter 9 demonstrates that the people of Yeshua time understood his purpose. When they heard him say the “Son of man” had the power to forgive sin on earth and witnessed him heal the paralyzed man, they gave glory to God for giving such power to “men”.  Yeshua demonstrated and taught of these powers […]

Matthew 8: Faith, Favor, & Fear

Summary Highlights: Chapter 8 is all about faith, favor, and fear. A leper and a Roman officer demonstrated faith. Peter’s mother-in-law and all the people healed of devils and sickness received a demonstration of favor. The disciples, demons, and the people of Gergesenes demonstrated fear. This is yet another powerful revelation. It reveals the message that […]

Matthew 7: Descernment is Making Use of Your God-given Common Sense

Summary Highlights: In chapter 7, Yeshua teaches us about our dealings with others. He details how judgment functions, saying that we should not judge others unless we have prepared ourselves to be judged by the same thing. He also tells us that we should not give what is holy to those things or people that are unholy […]

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