May 25, 2024

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Core Lessons: 

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Truth 101: Foundations of Understanding

Description: This course exposes common misconceptions and misunderstandings about spirituality, the bible, and Yeshua. It discusses commonly misunderstood terms, ideas, and principles regarding the bible and spirituality. It also introduces students to technical tools and explores the use of different versions of the bible and non-canonized texts to enhance bible study effectiveness.

  1. Getting Started Course Introduction
  2. The Names of God & Jesus Christ
  3. Bible Study Tools
  4. Bible Versions
  5. Canonical vs Non-Canonical Text and the Apocrypha
  6. Common Misconceptions
  7. Religion vs Truth

Bible 101: Foundations of Bible Study

Description: This course focuses on foundation principles to understanding scripture such as the concept of three dimensional interpretations of scripture, and reverse engineering from the English translation to the original Hebrew or Greek meaning. It also examines the authors, audiences, and purpose of scripture including Old Testament historical and prophetic scripture as well as New Testament Gospels and other writings.

  1. Biblical Interpretation
  2. Language Barriers
  3. Authors and Audiences
  4. Purpose and Intent

Bible 102: Three Dimensional Interpretation (Coming Soon)

Description: This course makes the connection of historical events that happened two times in history, and will happen again in the end of days. It also discusses how one message can be interpreted multiple ways.

Black History 101: Masters of Communication (Coming Soon)

Description: This course discusses the innovative ways in which our slave ancestors communicated despite having their communication restricted by the government and their slave masters.


Lesson 2: The Gospel of Matthew 

Description: The Gospel of Matthew contains 28 chapters and is the perfect starting point for a newcomer of the Absolute Truth of God. Even if you have been a Christian all of your life and read this book 100 times, this is the best place to began your journey. It will tell you how to start and exactly what to do to get to where you are trying to go, which is to the Truth of God. It must be studied with new eyes and in great depth, to receive the spirit of the messages it holds. Think of it as a road map or a step by step guide to  knowing your purpose, what you are supposed to do, and who you are. New chapters are added to this lesson daily as they are reformatted for this online course!

Remember, there are 28 chapters The Gospel of Matthew. Chapter lessons are being added daily!


Lesson 3: The Book of Revelations (Coming Soon)

Description: The Book of Revelations also known as the Revelations of the Apostle John, Revelation to John, The Apocalypse of John, The Revelation, or simply Revelations. It is a commonly dreaded book to read and understand. This lesson will breakdown its message and significance to Israel. It is more than a telling of the events of last days, but a revealing of the truth of Yah, Yeshua, Israel, and the whole world. New chapters will be added to this lesson daily as they are reformatted for this online course.

Remember, there are 22 chapters in The Book of Revelations. Chapter lessons are being added daily!


Supplemental Lessons: 


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