July 22, 2024

This course exposes common misconceptions and misunderstandings about spirituality, the bible, and Yeshua. It discusses commonly misunderstood terms, ideas, and principles regarding the bible and spirituality. It also introduces students to technical tools and explores the use of different versions of the bible and non-canonized texts to enhance bible study effectiveness. This course is a series of 6 videos on the various topics mentioned above and should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

Video 1 of 6: Getting Started

Video 2 of 6: Bible Study Tools

Resource Link – www.blueletterbible.org

Video 3 of 6: Bible Versions

Video 4 of 6: Canonical verses non-Canonical and the Apocryphal Texts

Video 5 of 6: The Names of God & Jesus

Video 6 of 6: Common Misconceptions

Video 7 of 6: Religion vs Truth

Final Thoughts: Religion is relationship with and reliance on man, Truth REQUIRES a relationship with and reliance on God.  Choose carefully, rather you will seek to do the commandments of men or the commandments of God. Seeking the kingdom is about seeking and doing the commandments of God. This is the walk that I  refer to in these videos.


You have taken the first step on this journey. So, congratulations and see you in the next course titled Bible 101: Foundations of Bible Study.

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