July 22, 2024

*The interpretation of this chapter will be added at a later date.


(alternate or common transaltion)

/ indicates that it could be either or

  1. Rise my light because enter your light and glory of Yahuwah upon you dawns
  2. Because that they that darken do cover her, the earth, and darken peoples and upon you, he will dawn, Yahuwah and his glory, upon you, he will perceive her.
  3. And that walk he nations (gentiles) to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawning.
  4. My pressure surround your eyes and my perception, complete them (or as a guide) having gathered him. Enter he to you your sons from far they enter and your daughters, upon a side they affirm (amen).
  5. Time you perceive me and you will flow (enlighten)  and fear? And widen your mind (heart) because he will overturn upon you the portion (abundance) of the sea (infinite) powerful nations (gentiles) they come to you.
  6. An abundance of yields (camels)  she will cover you, first fruits of Midian (from the caused judgment) and Ephah (her weariness) complete them (like a guide) from Sheba they enter gold and incense they will press and you will shine Yahuwah they will flesh /he will flesh him.
  7. Every flock of Kedar (blackness) they will gather to you. Rams (causing the strength/a cause strength) of Nabioth (flourishing ones/related to prophetesses) and will have been your minister they will rise up upon will from my sacrifice and the house of my decorations, I will decorate.
  8. What’s these like a cloud she fly them and like doves strongly/to {I  did ambush (increase) them}  (their struggles)?
  9. Because to me islands they collect and ships of Tarshish (she will cause to head) in their head (first) so that bring your children from far  their silver and their gold mark them (purposing them) to the name of Yahuah your God and to the set apart one of Israel because
  10. of your decoration.
  11. And build he, son of a stranger, your walls and their kings the will have been your ministers because in my snapping (wrath) I did cause you physical harm and in my will (favor) I did compassion you.
  12. And open him your gate (reasoning) continually their day and night not they shut so that cause to enter to you strength of nations (gentiles) and their kings driving ones.
  13. Because the nation that from her is a king which not they serve you, they perish and the nations, waste they will waste.
  14. Glory the Lebanon (whiteness) to you he brings cypress (in the poor) pine tree (she will prance) and she will be one happy (step) they will unite to decorate a place from my set apart and a place of my festival/foot I will honor/glorify.
  15. And that his walk to you one bowing children from your afflicters and that bow he him upon the palms of your feet all from your despisers and call he to you a city of Yahuwah, Zion set apart one of Israel.
  16. Under your existing ones leaving her and hating? her (sleep/change/who plead) and no one crossing (no Hebrew) and I did name you to be exalted forever from rejoicing (linen) generation to generation (circle to circle).
  17. And you will suck milk of nations and the breast (field) of kings you will suck  and you will know because I am Yahuah, your rescuer  (the one from whom cause your watching) and your redemption, strength of (cause to fly/ I will cleanse)  Jacob.
  18. Under the bronze I will cause to enter gold and under the iron I will cause to enter silver and under the trees (wood) brass and under the stones, iron and I will name you overseers of peace (wholeness) and your oppressors’ (oppressions) righteousness.
  19. Not he will hear again violence in your land. Spoil and shattering in your borders and you will call rescue (salvation /Yahshuah) your walls and your gates they will shine.
  20. Not he will cause to exist to you again the sun to light their days and to brighten the moon. Not he will cause light to you. And cause to exist to you Yahuwah to light forever and your God to your decoration.
  21. Not he will enter again your sun and your moon. Nor he will gather because Yahuwah, he exists to you to light forever and complete him days of mourning.
  22. And your people all them (like a guide), caused to be righteous ones to forever they will head earth preserving (a branch) from straying from the doings (works) of my hands so that you will be decorated.
  23. The small (insignificant) he caused to exist to learn/guide (1000) and the few caused to be a nation, abundant. I am Yahuah in her time I will cause haste (silence/breastplate /lit. Impenetrable pressure).

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