October 3, 2023
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As some of you may know, I've spent the past couple of years studying, reading and interpreting the ancient Hebrew language for Hebrew Bible interpretation. These are the texts written in the Ancient Hebrew scriptures commonly referred to as the Bible or Old Testament.

Learning the authentic ancient Hebrew language has opened my eyes and changed my life. It teaches me wisdom and gives me understanding that convicts me to my core to correct my course and remain dedicated to my own God.

The Truth In A Word is here to share this same gift with you... Read more...

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Words of the Week...

To the wise...

If we always say what's on our mind or always apply consequences to its fullest extent, we lack compassion. What if Yahuah lacked compassion toward us?

Hebrew Word of the day...

Chemel (חמל) is one of the Hebrew words we translate as compassion and spare; although, it is literally to hold back from fulfilling something including consequences due or one's words or, as we say down South, to spare the rod or bite the tongue.

It's explicitly defined in Job 20:13 which is translated below:

He spare (to hold one's words) upon her (the dysfunctional things in the mouth)  and not he leaves them and he withholds them in the middle of his palate.


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Finding Truth

My Journey!

This lifelong journey that started before we noticed we were on it...

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Learn Like A Child

It only takes a few minutes each day to start learning Ancient Hebrew. It will change your life!

Start Learning Authentic Biblical Hebrew

What's In A Word?

Abstract thinking often causes us to forget that words do mean something. Ancient Hebrew reminds us!

Word Studies

What Do The Scriptures Say?

We've mistaken the infallible scripture, with infallible interpretations.  What do Hebrew scriptures really say?

Bible Study

Overcome By Understanding

Since we were introduced to it, we've loosely used the bible to make sense of things and to overcome adversity. Understanding our ancestor's words makes overcoming our superpower!

Topical Studies

Identity Issues

The black experience is most unique in that it's an unfinished chapter in history. Hear the voices of our ancestor's, share in their courage and triumph, and respect their struggle.

Black & Hebrew Identity

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