October 3, 2023


An Adulterous Nation

Adultery is talked about in peculiar ways throughout scripture. Most notably we read about adulterous people and nations which never have anything to do with cheating spouses. The simple conclusion we draw about these phrases is that it’s used to refer to people who cheat on Yahuah God, with other gods. In this 2 part …

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To the Wise | If we always say what’s on our mind or consistently apply consequences to its fullest extent, we lack compassion. What if Yahuah lacked compassion toward us? Hebrew | Chemel (חמל) is one of the Hebrew words we translate as compassion and spare; although, it is literally to hold back from fulfilling …

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Sorcery. What is it?

I discovered that this word, cashaph (כשף), is better defined as manipulating the limits to alter Yahuah’s creation. Think alchemy or chemistry! Hence, the Greek equivalent of the word is “pharmakeia” as in pharmaceutical. Medications manipulate elements and molecules in the human body to create a certain physiological response. The word ‘cashaph’ implies that there …

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Subconsciously Processing Fear

Last night, after trying formal meditation for a few days, I sort of gave up on it. I decided that the state I was attempting to achieve had been one that came naturally to me for years. With prayer, focus on Yahuwah, and depending on what my mind is on, how I position my body …

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The Sabbath: A better understanding!

As we grow in this walk we learn new things each and every day. I’ve learned so much since I first started this website in January of 2017. In fact, I have been on a whirlwind learning and development journey. One new revelation that I have come to since I began is about Sabbath and what …

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