July 22, 2024

I discovered that this word, cashaph (כשף), is better defined as manipulating the limits to alter Yahuah’s creation. Think alchemy or chemistry! Hence, the Greek equivalent of the word is “pharmakeia” as in pharmaceutical. Medications manipulate elements and molecules in the human body to create a certain physiological response.

The word ‘cashaph’ implies that there are limits. Imagine a dial that controls different fluids in a tank. Increasing one decreases another and vice versa altering the limits of each fluid in the tank. Certain fluid levels and combinations of levels cause chemical reactions that can, for example, cause overheating, freezing, explosions, melt the tank, etc. Sourcery is manipulating those fluid levels in spite of those reactions.

Physiologically, the practical application of this knowledge is made clear by thinking about CO2 and O2. Too much carbon dioxide results in too little oxygen which leads to human disease and death. Likewise, a plant unable to release O2 or to take in CO2 at the appropriate rate will result in disease and death of the plant and/or its fruit if not corrected. 

Concerning medication, just as with eating certain foods, it can change one’s molecular makeup causing imbalance, illness, and defect. On the other hand, restoring the natural balance of the human body with natural supplements or medication improves health.

But what happens when we’ve already unknowingly endured the effects of so-called sorcery…

When the things we’ve consumed, inhaled, or have been exposed to have contributed to an imbalance by changing adding to molecular make up something that doesn’t naturally occur in the human body? The short answer is that another dead, unnatural, or ungodly thing has to repair or remove the ungodly, i.e. unnatural, thing. 

Think about cancer. There are several contributing factors leading to the development and multiplicity of dysfunctional cells (i.e. cancer) but essentially it boils down to things in the body that do not belong such as free radicals that lead to the growth of cells without nuclei that has no other function but to multiply. All these cancer-causing free radicals and particulates are not naturally occurring in the human body, thus, radiation which is antithetical to human life and health is required to repair the damage they cause. 

Now I’m no medical professional, but I have researched this specifically to understand “sorcery” in its original context and have simplified my findings to help others understand it as well. 

Here’s how we can apply this knowledge…

I found this insight interesting and useful for discernment. I now know that everything we put into our bodies affects its natural balance and has the potential to cause healing or disease. I understand what medication I must take and which I should not. I understand the ways my body can heal itself and the limitations of self-healing caused by the irreparable damage already done.  

In some doctrines, medication and certain procedures, such as blood transfusions are always deemed ‘bad’. This study helped me to understand that, like everything else, the ‘good’ or ‘evil’ nature of sorcery and modern medicine depends on the specific situation. Sorcery and pharmacology are neither inherently good nor inherently bad. Rather, it’s a practice that can be used to manipulate the natural balance of things to either disrupt or restore balance. One person’s life-saving treatment is another person’s sorcery (in the modern sense of the word). It’s that simple! In this context, misuse and abuse of drugs rather narcotics or supplements are also sorcery. 

For more information see my Sorcery Study Notes.

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