July 22, 2024
  1. A word of a gatherer, son of David, King in Jerusalem.
  2. The empty empty ones say gathering of empty empty ones are empty empty.
    • The emptiness of empty ones: Sayings gathered of the emptiness of empty ones which are empty empty.
  3. From her/what more to humanity in all his aspirations which he aspires under the sun.
    • What more is there to humanity and all their aspirations which they aspire under the sun?
  4. A generation goes and a generation comes and the Earth to forever shall stand.
    • A generation goes and comes and the Earth stands forever.
  5. And rise the sun and enter the sun and to his place one who swallows one who rises he there.
    • And the sun rises in one place and sets in another and rises again in the same place.
  6. One who walks to the south and the one who circles to the north. Round and round he walks, the wind, and upon his caused surroundings turning the wind.
    • One which walks towards the south and circle around to the north.  The wind goes around and around, depending on its surroundings it turns.
  7. All the rivers walking ones to the sea. And the sea causes us to produce fullness to a place where the rivers, walking ones there (name) they turning ones to walk.
    • All the rivers go toward the sea and the sea is caused to produce fullness to a point when the rivers go on, eventually turning to go.
  8. All the words, weary ones, not he be any man to a word not you be satisfied (literally sevened). An eye to see and not you be filled. An ear with hearing.
    • All these things are wearisome. No man is made whole by anything neither an eye that sees nor an ear that hears.
  9. From her/what who has existed he who did exist and from her/what  which have been done he and which he will do and cause to produce all new things under the sun.
    • Whatever exists did exist and what has been done will be done and does produce every new thing under the sun.
  10. There is a word which he will say see this new thing  he already exist to ancient ones (old  times) which exist since before us ( literally from to our face).
    • There is a word that’s said “see this new thing” it already was to the ancients who existed since before us.
  11. Cause to produce a remembrance to those head ones and gather to those after ones whom they will exist. Not he will exist to them a remembrance of people which they exist after them.
    • Cause to produce a remembrance to those first ones and also to those who will be after. There will be no remembrance of those who exist after them.
  12. I am a gatherer I did exist king upon Israel in Jerusalem.
    • I am a gatherer, a king over Israel in Jerusalem.
  13. I have given the purpose of my heart to be one seeking and to tour in her wisdom upon all which has been done under the heavens, he watched/afflicted dysfunction having given God to the sons of humanity to afflict in him.
    • I have given my heart’s purpose to be a seeker and to explore wisdom above all that has been done under the heavens. God is watching dysfunction having given it to the sons of humanity, to be his affliction.
  14. I did see the purpose of all that is from the doings which we have done him under the sun and that they the complete emptiness and dysfunctional ones of spirit.
    • I saw the purpose that had been done under the sun and that accomplishes nothing and spiritual dysfunction.
  15. From twisted not he will be one complete to straighten and that one of them diminishing, not he will be one complete so as to be portioned ones.
    • That which comes from twistedness will not accomplish straightness and those that are diminished will not accomplish becoming well rounded.
  16. I did speak I with (people) my heart to say I, “that these the magnificent things I did and that  one that I did add her wisdom upon all which exist to my face upon Jerusalem and my mind (heart) saw the increased wisdom and knowledge.
    • I told my self that I did these magnificent things and acquired the wisdom above all who existed before me in Jerusalem and my mind experienced the increase in wisdom and knowledge.
  17. And I gave her my mind to knowledge and wisdom and I did know madness (the one shining) and barren ones I did know which gathered this he a dysfunctional-type spirit.
    • And I gave my mind over to knowledge and wisdom and I knew the shining and the barren things. I knew whatever gathered this was a dysfunctional spirit.
  18. Because in much wisdom is much anger and he that causes to add knowledge, cause to add from one who causes sorrow.
    • Because in much wisdom is much anger and he that choose to add knowledge also chooses to add from that which causes sorrow.


Sholamah calls himself a gatherer of wisdom and knowledge. He proclaims nothing changes, neither earth or people. He says that he’s observed that everything runs in a never-ending cycle that will go on forever.  He says that wisdom makes us angry and knowing makes us sorrowful, giving us a dysfunctional character.

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