July 22, 2024




I’m Deshina and as some of you may know, I’ve spent the past couple of years studying, reading and interpreting the Hebrew language written in the Ancient Hebrew scriptures commonly referred to as the Bible or Old Testament.

Learning this authentic ancient language has opened my eyes and changed my life. It teaches me wisdom and gives me understanding that convicts me to my core to correct my course and remain dedicated to my own God.

Although it’s a fairly simple language, there is so much depth to it that I know I’ll always be a student of Hebrew.

Nonetheless, learning it has given me the chance to change… The chance to know my God, myself, and my fellow humans like never before. As a result, I see myself becoming more like my Creator.

That’s why The Truth In A Word was developed! I want to share this special gift of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that ancient Hebrew bestows on those who learn it.

I believe we’re at the cusp of a shift toward greater understanding – understanding of our God, our purpose and our destiny. This site is my little contribution.

I hope you become a member of the family here and share, learn and grow with us, and help me to build this platform where we can all come to learn to learn for ourselves!



“Be One Who Is Whole”


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Student of Ancient Hebrew Scripture, Culture, & Laungauge
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