June 22, 2024

In Exodus 14 the Israelite are in a panic. They are fussing at Moses basically saying, “Dude, we told you just leave it alone but you insisted we come out here to die!” Moses reminds them not to fear. The outcome of this story reveals that it doesn’t matter what we say. What matters is what we do when we reach an impasse.

Here’s the Hebrew translation of a few verses in Exodus 14.

Exodus 14
11 And they said to Mashah (Moses), from nothing without graves in Mitsraim (Egypt) to take us to die in the wilderness? What is this you have done to us?
12 Isn’t this the word which we spoke to you in Mitsraim to say cease from his portion? And we will serve the Mitsraim because it is functional to us serve Mitsraim from (than) our death in the wilderness.
13 And he said Mashah to the people, the strong, they will fear him that they will stand and see him, the rescue of Yahuah, which he will do to them that day because which you will see regarding Mitsraim that day not you will lip him to your perception again witness ancient (forever)
14 Yahuah he will fight to you (their walk) and their mark will be plowed (greatly).

Here, the people are regretting having left Egypt and are telling Moses “We told you to leave it alone… We said that we would rather be slaves than to die in the wilderness.” Moses tells them, “Those who fear Yah will stand and will see the rescue of Yahuah in action. You will see how he will fight for you.”

Moses is comparing those who fear Yah, the Israelites, to those who do not, Pharoah and his army. It has been previously established that the Pharoah did not fear Yah because he continued to act according to his own perception and the deeds of his scientists and sorcerers.

Now, notice the Israelites doubted God, but when it came down to it they feared Him when they walked (action) between standing waters on both sides of them. They did so by trusting in God’s word that they would make it across and escape the Egyptians who would be plowed down. They trusted that what Moses told them about the rescue was true.

So, fear isn’t about being scared, doubting, or lacking “faith”. It’s about ACTING according to what we truly believe in our hearts. No matter what our mouths say, our actions always reflect the truth that is within. A truth that is sometimes hidden even from us.

Think about it… The Israelites said they were going to die and they’d rather be slaves in Egypt but when it came down to it, no one stayed on the seashore to surrender to the Pharoah. Instead, every single one took the risk of being buried under the sea, trusting that, although they couldn’t see how, God’s word would hold true.

Likewise, there are many who say they are all for God, they fear and trust him, but their actions say the opposite.

What we do is what matters most to Yah! So, as Moses said, “Acting according to His Word is what will cause us to stand and see salvation!” Notice that fearing God isn’t speaking or feeling according to His Word, but acting.

Fear is ACTING based on our inner truth. It is evidence of who or what we really trust in and what we are really made of. Likewise, obedience is a mark of our identity as those chosen of Yah. As we act in fear of Him, according to His perception rather than our own, we are marked by our distinguishable obedient actions that often seems senseless to others.

“Acting according to His Word is what will cause us to stand and see salvation!” – Moses

There is one more lesson in this series… Let’s take it home!

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