May 25, 2024

I think I finally understand why spiritual experiences are like parables with no definitive meaning.

Last night after asking Yahuah to tell me what to do about giving someone a second chance, HE showed me salt being poured onto a lit stove burner… And that was it.

So the first thing I did was Googled the effect of salt poured on fire. As suspected, salt extenguishes fire.

It was easy to interpret the vision which demonstrated that his answer was to put the fire out… But I now realize that HIS answers will always still leave us with a choice.

In this case, I had to decide rather the fire was the person’s threat towards me or the enemy’s threat towards her.

See most people, unlearned and selfish people, would interpret Yahuah’s instruction in the interest of self-preservation.

But those in deep relationship with the Most High search deeper as something in there spirit signals a conflict with the instruction, will, and character of Yahuah. We search until we find clarity, completeness, and congruancy with the WORD.

In this case, I spent all the wewe hours studying to understand what CHOICE Yahuah had given me to make. How could I choose HIM because the most obvious answer did not line up with the instruction given to me in the WORD.

In those midnight hours I learned this…

  1. Yahuah always leaves us with a choice, a chance to prove that we are with and for HIM.
  2. Even when HE shows you the answer, how you choose to interpret it proves the condition of your heart and your readiness.
  3. Selfish interpretation concerned only with one’s own well-being and protection (self-preservation) is not righteous interpretation.
  4. The spirit truly gives descernment and a certain heaviness is accompanied by the threat of acting against Yahuah in any way.
  5. When people ask (and even beg) for your forgiveness, it is prudent that you give it to them. As I thought about that women’s condition I imagined myself crying out to Yahuah for another chance and HIM turning me away. Because we know that we are only forgiven to the extent that we forgive. We receive his mercy as we show mercy to others. He will love us, like we love HIS.
  6. If we are a reflection of HIM than all that we give, we receive from HIM… Good and bad.

So, the vague parables reveal to Yah and to the wise, a person’s heart and true nature. It provides some direction while allowing room for us to choose and to prove rather we are still lost in the way or aligned with the Father.

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