July 22, 2024

An awakened Hebrew brother mentioned in a YouTube video that his family observes Sabbaths by the new moon. He stated that they observe the Sabbath on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th according to week’s occurring after each new moon.

At first I thought, “That makes perfect sense.” and “I can’t believe we been doing this wrong all this time.” However, after the initial shock of this information, I consulted with my scriptural knowledge and a few things stood out that helped me understand why this isn’t proper observation of the Sabbath command.

The most convincing fact is that the law itself is twofold and these two parts reveal important facts about when to observe the Sabbath.

Part 1 – You shall work 6 days
Part 2 – but on the seventh day no work shall be done.

Working six consecutive days as Yahuah did in Genesis 1 and not doing that same kind of work on the seventh day is what Yahuah did in Genesis 2 and together this is the command HE instructed us to observe as HE did.

Most people ignore part 1 and focus only on part 2 believing its a day to be completely lazy and “rest”. (It’s not exactly like that, but that’s another article)

The most important thing to know is that this law is solely in the context of weeks, which are periods of 7 consecutive days. They have absolutely nothing to do with months or years, or even time in the modern since. The only relationship is that monthly periods include days, seven of which are called a week when the days are consecutive.

When one tries the observe the Sabbath by the moon, they actually skip through a couple of days each month as if they exist without law, order, or guidence about rather these are part of the 6 work days or the one weekly Sabbath day.

So the lunar Sabbath calendar as my brother describes in this video looks like this…

Day 29 rest
Day 30?
Day 1 (new moon)?
Day 2 work
Day 3 work
Day 4 work
Day 5 work
Day 6 work
Day 7 work
Day 8 rest
Day 9 work
Day 10 work
Day 11 work
Day 12 work
Day 13 work
Day 14 work
Day 15 rest
Day 16 work
Day 17 work
Day 18 work
Day 19 work
Day 20 work
Day 21 work
Day 22 rest
Day 23 work
Day 24 work
Day 25 work
Day 26 work
Day 27 work
Day 29 rest
Day 30?
Day 1?

I believe this practice is becoming pervasive in the Black Hebrew community (at least in part) because while many Hebrews know about the changing of times associated with prophecy, the Gregorian calendar, and the Roman pontiff’s Sabbath day change from Saturday to Sunday, they incorrectly assume these changes somehow affected the counting of days. The other reason is because we’re watching too much YouTube and studying too little scripture.

The changing of times did not affect the weeks. In fact, I would argue that this feature of time is the most difficult to change as its a simple matter of counting by one to seven at each daylight repeatedly.

In fact, the names of the weekdays have been changed but this has no affect on the days themselves as they were originally named day one, day two, day three… and so on. So dispite these changes, humans have remained capable of acknowledging the day of the week (literally meaning seven) and the seventh day Shabbath throughout time because it’s a simple matter of counting one through seven over and over again.

So when months were established… No effect. And when new ones were added… No effect. And when there names were changed… No effect. And when the lengths of months were changed… No effect. And when pagan names were given to the days of the week instead of the original way Yahuah named them… No effect. You get my drift.

The only way to change the weeks is to redeclare the number of days in a week! Guess what, this is exactly what my brother and others like him have been deceived into doing…

To observe Sabbath by the luminaries is indeed to change time in a way man has never been able to pull off successfully before. It is to say the first and last weeks of each month have only one day in them or the first and last week of the month is 8 days long… Otherwise, they do not exist at all. Sense the Hebrew word for week is actually just the number 7, this is totally inaccurate and antibiblical.

The bottom line is this… The devil is so cunning that he’ll use our rejection of his statutes in pursuit of Yahuah’s to convince us to mimic his own devilish ways. This is why we must study line upon line and precept upon precept to show ourselves approved, take no man’s words as Yahuah’s, and test EVERY spirit by the WORD OF OUR GOD.

Reject the liar and all his ways but also be wise not to succumb to him in the process.

This, family, is an example of falling victim to Hasatan’s second temptation – a test of your ability to reason according to the WORD when the word is used as evidence against you. If Yoshua had to face this temptation who are we to think we’ll avoid it.

Today, I’ve been tested. Today, I overcame the enemy.

To Yahuah be the glory, the honor, and ALL the praise for keeping me and those who are watching my walk from this trap.

Worship right (functionally) family and stay blessed!

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