July 22, 2024

Summary Highlights:

In chapter 7, Yeshua teaches us about our dealings with others. He details how judgment functions, saying that we should not judge others unless we have prepared ourselves to be judged by the same thing. He also tells us that we should not give what is holy to those things or people that are unholy because it will be used against us.

Furthermore, he tells us that whatever we ask for and seek will be given to us. He reminds us to treat others like we want to be treated.

Yeshua teaches, in great detail, that everyone who looks good isn’t good and explains how to tell a true person of the Most High from a fake one. He says everyone who calls on his name will not enter into heaven. He specifies that people who prophesy, cast out devils and heal in his name are workers of lawlessness and he will tell them “Depart from me, I never knew you”. Complete this course to find out why!

Recommended Resources:

Instructions: Read Matthew Chapter 7 in the King James Version to avoid confusion, since this is the version used for these lessons.

Video Lesson: This is a video originally created for a private bible study group. It summarizes the information below. It is recommended that you also read through the entire lesson so that you do not miss anything.

Final Thoughts:

This chapter comes with an additional revelation. If we are to be as perfect as our Father and Yeshua is teaching us to be like our Father, then doesn’t his teachings tell us more about our Father, than about ourselves?

For example, in chapter 5, he says that we should give to those who ask and in chapter 7, he tells us that our Father will give to us when we ask. Additionally, he says that we should not give to the benefit of the devil (dogs and pigs) or the detriment of Israel, we all know from experience that our Father gives to us in the same manner. We do not get everything that we ask him for, but we do in fact always receive those things that are good for us at the moment they become beneficial to our continued holiness.

So as you are reading, keep in mind that Yeshua is not only telling us how we should be, but also how our Father operates and who He is. This way we can truly learn and understand His character and begin to ask him for those things that he will approve of, those things that will not separate us from him, but will continue to separate us from the world and draw us closer to him.  Than watch Him manifest His goodness in your life.

That being said, when we know the character of our God, it is easier to be like Him and when we become like Him, he manifests himself fully in our lives, because he gives to us whatever we dish out to the world, especially to our own people.

If we hate each other, then we will be as one hated by God. If we love each other, than we will be as one loved by God. If we hypocritically judge each other, then we will be judged by our own faults by which we judge others. If we judge in righteousness, then we will be righteously judged. If we give freely to others, then God will give freely to us. If we help heal each other, then God will heal us. If we devote ourselves to the Father, then the father will devote himself to us. What a powerful revelation!

See, obedience is not for the sake of obedience and the law is not for the sake of law, nor is prophecy for the sake of prophecy, but it is all for the sake of Israel. We need to imitate or replicate God’s love for us, his righteousness, his mercy, his justice, and even his preference, in order to receive the same from Him. This is His perfection. This is being like God and bearing good fruit. This is the reason we must be obedient and do the will of the Father. Whatsoever you give to the world, you will receive from the Father; but whatsoever you take from the world, you will receive from the devil.

Furthermore, the main purpose of this chapter is to teach us Godly common sense. We live in darkness, where up is down and down is up. We are gullible to the believe that the majority holds the truth and that a neatly dressed pastor is more valuable to our souls than a commonly dressed women, or that the person with the biggest church bares the most fruit. This is not so. In fact, chapter 7 teaches us that everything that looks good is not good and everyone who claims him, and even does “his work” is not good. He demonstrates for us that we must observe our reality which is not what we or others portray, but what we and others DO.

So, I leave you with this. Yah is a God of action, not foolishness. He will not give you anything that draws you away from him. Nor should we give in that manner. He will judge you only as you judge others. We are to discern truth by action, not words, or appearance. He knows our truth based on our obedient actions, not our words or appearance. We are not saved simply by calling on Jesus or Yeshua, but by practicing what he teaches.

All the questions about life and religion are right here in His word, but we will only know what we ask him to show us and find what it is we seek. Seek truth and righteousness and all other things will be added unto you!

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