June 22, 2024

The Gospel of Matthew is uniquely rich in enlightening and prophetic content that tells readers about the modern identities and characteristics of biblical characters. Matthew 2 tells us about the purpose and character of parents faithful to God and the character and workings of both Yah (God) and Satan. Matthew 3 gives us insight regarding the character and purpose of Yahushua (Jesus) and John the Baptist and a little about the identity of the Pharisees and scribes. Matthew 4 tells us about the strength and character of Yahushua and the tempting tactics of Satan. Matthew 5 and 6 details the character of Israel and of Yah. Additionally, Matthew 6 points out the character of the world or children of the Evil One. Matthew 7 teaches readers more about the character of Yah and those who belong to Him. Matthew 8 tells us about the favor of those who belong to Yah, the faith of those who trust in Yahushua, and the fear of those who do not belong to Yah and do not trust in Yahushua. Matthew 9 gives us more insight into the power of Yah’s people. Matthew 10 details the character and purpose of disciples or students of Yahushua. Matthew 11 provides insight regarding the identity and purpose of God’s chosen children, Israel.

Yes indeed, Matthew enlightens us about the identities of all of the world’s characters. At the same time, it prepares us for our purpose. It is a step by step guide to following Yahushua as his student; thus, serving our God-given purpose.

In chapter 12, Yahushua and the author teach us exactly who the Pharisees and synagogue of Jews were during new Testament times and today. It mentions many prophetic events, by which they could be identified today. This video will reveal the true identity of the synagogue Jews of the New Testament, particularly the Pharisees and scribes who had him killed.

Watch the video to find out who they really are!

Final Thoughts:

Chapter 12 teach us about the source of self-righteousness. It is a construct and characteristic of the Evil One and those who belong to him. People condemn the guiltless and blameless, because they do not understand the character of the Most High God and are not of him or do not know him.

The Word of God teaches us more than just commandments, laws, and statutes. Every situation or story is intended to teach us about the character of our God. Like David’s story, which the Pharisees disregarded, there is much more to Yah’s divine word than what is directly stated as a commandment. This story demonstrates that the temple belonged to Yah and therefore belonged to David. It demonstrated that priests were allowed to eat in the temple and were blameless, because what belongs to our Father also belongs to us.

We must, however, know what it means to belong to Him. Belonging to him is not simply a birthright, but something that is given to us when we take the journey to become true children of Yah. That means becoming like him.

Yahushua  also mentioned fruits. The point is that what is of Yah, is like Yah and what is of Satan is like Satan. We can’t be like Satan and call ourselves kings and priest of the Most High God. What belongs to God, does not belong to the devil and vise versa.

If you want proof of this, contemplate this: Why did Yah choose Seth instead of Cain, Noah over all others in the world, Shem and not Japheth and Ham, Abraham instead of Nahor and Haran, or   Isaac over Abraham’s other children, and Jacob and not Esau? He didn’t choose everyone then and he will not choose everyone now. Being Israel is more about living like a child of the Most High and less about being privileged as a child of the Most High.

So, don’t get confused about your identity. If you want to be His child, than you must bear his kind of fruit and not the fruit of His adversary!

That said, keep your eyes open, not only on others, but more importantly on yourself. Be sure that you are being like your Father and not like the descendants of vipers and of the wicked.

Remember, if you have questions post it in a comment. If you don’t have questions than share what you’ve learned, so you can help others to understand.

And let me know what you think of this new video format!

~Rev. D

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