July 22, 2024

Matthew 6: Israel vs. the World

Summary Highlights:  In chapter 6, Yeshua is teaching us what we must and must not do regarding our spiritual and physical being. He points out several differences that do and must exist between us (Israel) and the world. In this chapter every principle makes a comparison between Yeshua’s audience , Israel,  and gentiles, heathens, and […]

Matthew 5: The Character & Accountability of Israel

Summary Highlights:  In Chapter 5, Yeshua is outright saying, “Look, this is who you are, this is who I am, and this is what must be done. In verses 3 through 12, where Yeshua discloses those who are blessed, how they are blessed, and why they are blessed. He is accomplishing a few things here. […]

Matthew 4: Fasting & Temptation

Summary Highlights: Matthew 4 begins with Yeshua being led into the wilderness by the spirit of God. He goes on a forty day fast where he separated himself from the world and did not eat. While in the wilderness, the devil went to tempt Yeshua. First, he was tempted by the devil to turn stone […]

Matthew 2: The Power of Prophecy

Summary Highlights: In this chapter, Jesus is born and King Herod is trying to find and kill him because it had been prophesied that he would be King of the Jews, who Herod currently ruled. Some wise men who were known as magicians went to see Jesus to bow to him. (Magicians were scientists and […]

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