April 18, 2024

Summary Highlights:

Matthew 4 begins with Yeshua being led into the wilderness by the spirit of God. He goes on a forty day fast where he separated himself from the world and did not eat.

While in the wilderness, the devil went to tempt Yeshua. First, he was tempted by the devil to turn stone into bread. It is a temptation because Yeshua was starving and had not eaten for 40 days and the devil asked him to prove he was the son of God by performing a miracle. Yeshua quoted scripture to the devil, giving him the reason that he would not turn the stone into bread. He said that man does not live by bread alone, but by the word of God.

The second time the devil tempted Yeshua by telling him to jump off a ledge and God would send angels to catch him. Again, Yeshua quoted scripture saying, the word of God says not to tempt our master who is God.

The third time Yeshua is tempted with material wealth if he worshiped the devil. He tells the devil the scriptures say to worship and serve only God.

After this, the devil left Yeshua and God sent messengers to speak to Yeshua. He found out that John the Baptist had been put in prison so he left the wilderness to go to Galilee.

Yeshua began to preach the kingdom of heaven and repentance.

He recruited some of his disciples from Galilee and tells them he will make them fisherman of men – in other words, soul winners.

In Galilee, Yeshua began preaching and performing miracles.

A lot of people began following him as the word of his teachings and miracles spread throughout the land.

Recommended Resources:

Instructions: Read Matthew Chapter 4 in the King James Version to avoid confusion, since this is the version used for these lessons.

Video Lesson: This is a video originally created for a private bible study group. It summarizes the information below. It is recommended that you also read through the entire lesson so that you do not miss anything. Remember to read the scripture in your bible before watching the video or reading the following material.

Part 1 Video Lesson  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnFUyKTZd2g

Part 2 Video Lesson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGIKCjp7v6E

Final Thoughts:

Yeshua went and he fasted as God instructed him to and he stayed until he heard from God, despite how difficult it was and he overcame. He was hungry, but he didn’t eat and did not allow temptation to overcome him.  When it was all done, he didn’t get good news but learned that his first cousin and biggest supporter was imprisoned. So what was the point of the fast, right?

By fasting, he beat the devil and went on to do exactly what God ordained him to do, knowing his power over the devil, over flesh, and over the world was greater than his circumstances. He prevailed and brought souls closer to God as he was purposed to do.

Now, remember, this is Yeshua’ first moments in his calling. Before he began performing miracles, he himself, was obedient to God, tried, and tested.

In all that we go through, God is increasing us. Even when it doesn’t look that way on the outside. Imagine Yeshua being hungry and weak after not eating for forty days and telling the devil, “man shall not live by bread alone…” It looks pitiful, right? But when you realize that Yeshua is not defined by the pity of that moment, but by the power of that moment and every moment like it, it becomes something different.

If we look back on our own lives and do not see the trial and test, we should be reminded to fast. And if we do see the trial and test, we should be happy that we have overcome and realize that it made us stronger and better. It gave us God-power that we did not have before the trials. This is how we grow our God-power, by overcoming this world. Yeshua did it first, that we may also have the knowledge and power to do the same.

God-power doesn’t look like world-power because it’s purpose is to overcome world-power. We may look and feel weak and frail. That’s ok, as long as we are pleasing God, he will increase us in all the ways that matter – give us the power to change the world.

Finally, be reminded that a man is not greater than his master. (John 13:16) If Yeshua had to do it and go through it, so does anyone who is his disciple, the real Hebrews.

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