Matthew 6: Israel vs. the World

Summary Highlights: 

In chapter 6, Yeshua is teaching us what we must and must not do regarding our spiritual and physical being. He points out several differences that do and must exist between us (Israel) and the world.

In this chapter every principle makes a comparison between Yeshua’s audience , Israel,  and gentiles, heathens, and hypocrites.

Ultimately, he teaches us that, because we have the Father we are held to higher standards and must be opposite of the masses or the world. He tells us that we should have complete faith in our Father and seek the kingdom of heaven, rather than the things of this world.

Recommended Resources:

Instructions: Read Matthew Chapter 6 in the King James Version to avoid confusion, since this is the version used for these lessons.

Video Lesson: This is a video originally created for a private bible study group. It summarizes the information below. It is recommended that you also read through the entire lesson so that you do not miss anything.

Final Thoughts:

Yeshua teaches us that the “world” seeks things of the world, while the children of God are to seek the things of God in the manner opposite of the world and will be provided with worldly necessities.

See we are not of this world – we being Israel. We are a chosen generation of God’s people who embody God’s spirit, made possible by the teachings and example of Yeshua. We can, have, and will achieve the impossible, manifest the supernatural, and overcome the indescribable. And it is by this Spirit of God given to us by God that makes it all possible.

Did you know that we were never of this world? Even as we live among those of this world and we err in our ways by being like them, we are all eventually to be converted, transformed into our true nature, which is the nature of God. Once the elect is all converted, Revelations tells us that the sky will roll away and the earth will be destroyed and vanish. God is waiting on you to become like Christ, to take you place as his son or daughter. He is waiting on you to, like Yeshua the Messiah, overcome sin and death and step into your eternal Truth, your eternal life.

As we continue to study the teachings of the 12 disciples, you will come to better understand this principle.

Until then, think about all the things you have made your god and decide if they are what you want to be your god, or if you want a limitless God who can give you all the things of this world because they belong to him. He can and will give you true joy, peace, and love that fulfills you in every way, but you must first seek him and forsake the world by becoming righteous. As a child of the Most High, you cannot afford to choose this world over your heavenly Father. He is offering you everything, including the opportunity to be like Him and all you have to do is serve Him and Him alone.

See when you forsake the world, none of it means anything to you, but it does not mean that God won’t still give you “things”, those things just cannot be what is important to you. You can still love your spouse, family, friends, just not more than you love Him. You can still have a comfortable home, career, etc., but these must only be the result of your spiritual walk with Him and not the goal of your walk.

What Yeshua is saying is stop caring about all the stuff the devil wants you to care about and care about your Father to whom all these things belong and He will give to you freely when you are devoted to only to Him.

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