Matthew 5: The Character & Accountability of Israel

Summary Highlights: 

In Chapter 5, Yeshua is outright saying, “Look, this is who you are, this is who I am, and this is what must be done.

In verses 3 through 12, where Yeshua discloses those who are blessed, how they are blessed, and why they are blessed. He is accomplishing a few things here. He is describing the character of his audience. In other words, those who fit these descriptions are those whom he is communicating with. He is also showing us that each person will receive what they lack on earth in the kingdom of heaven.

After he explains the character of his audience and their fate and rewards, he tells them who they are in the grand scheme of the world. In verses 13 through 16, Yeshua says that his audience is the salt of the earth, but if they lose their flavor, they are useless and will be cast out and walked on.

He also says that they are the light of the world, which cannot be hidden. In verse 15, Yeshua is explained we are like God’s candle, which he would not hide, but placed on a candlestick to give light to the whole house.

After this, Jesus tells us what his purpose is. He says that it is to fulfill the law and the prophets. What does this mean? Through him, we are to become capable of obedience to the law and prophecy.

He goes on to explain that because we have him, we are held to even higher standards. He says that we are to be as perfect as our Father and tells us exactly how to do that.

Yeshua says whoever breaks even the least of the commandment or teach others to do so will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven and whoever obeys them and teach them will be called the greatest.

He says that we must be more righteous than the biblical scholars and religious leaders, of his day and ours, to even enter the kingdom of heaven.

Recommended Resources:

Instructions: Read Matthew Chapter 5 in the King James Version to avoid confusion, since this is the version used for these lessons.

Video Lesson: This is a video originally created for a private bible study group. It summarizes the information below. It is recommended that you also read through the entire lesson so that you do not miss anything.

Supplemental Video: Fighting Evil With Righteousness

Final Thoughts:

Jesus is your example of who you are, how you should be, what you should do, and your God-power. Take the time to learn what he is teaching and live it!

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