July 22, 2024

Word of the Week | July 27, 2019

To the Wise | Contrary to what we are told, grace requires some things of us. In Numbers 2 the 12 tribes of Israel are grouped together. Each group of three families was assigned to sit at the four sides of the camp – North, South, East, and West. If we draw out how the […]

30 Ways To Say ‘Gather’ | PART 2

All these words are translated as ‘gather’ but what do they all actually mean? קו  Strong’s# H6960 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. Gen […]

Word of the Week | March 25, 2019

To the Wise | Isaiah prophesied a frequently quoted truth that Yahuwah would gather Judah from the four corners of the earth. To gain wisdom on this verse matter we must understand to things… (1) there are 34 ways to gather… What’s the significance of this one? (2) What are these 4 corners? And He […]

2 Letters & 30 Ways To Say ‘Gather’ | PART 1

As I did my regular biblical studies I noticed that more than 30 different Hebrew words were being translated as ‘gather’. Being the curious type, I searched the old testament for the word to see just how many words were interpreted as ‘gather’ and why. The nature of the Hebrew language and Hebraic thought tells […]

Word of the ‘Month’ | March 13, 2019

To the wise |According to the wisdom of Sholamah (Solomon), we should accept these four principles: (1) Nothing changes, only cycles through. (2) There is no fulfillment in self-fulfilling behaviors. (3) Good and bad things happen regardless of how good or bad or knowledgable or ignorant we are. (4) The purpose of the hidden things […]

Words of the Week | February 1, 2019

To the wise | Seldom do most people think about the origin of things – one of the first things this journey inspired in me. Where does the English word “God” come from and what is it in the Hebrew Language? We should, more frequently, consider the origin of all things… After all, knowing them […]

Who or What is GOD?

I woke up at 6:00 this morning with this very thought on my mind. “What is god?” The night before I had studied the Book of Haggai. (I will upload the translation soon) In Haggai 2:12 I came across an unfamiliar Hebrew word, ‘Bagodu‘ (בגדו), translated here as clothing or garment but also interpreted as […]

Word of The Week | January 13, 2019

To the wise | Some of us are seeking absolutes but the only unchanging absolute thing is Yahuah our Elahim whose character defies our expectations and understanding in such a way that we struggle to comprehend that, although unchanging His plan for us is always dynamic. Hebrew Word | יהוה pronounced Yahuwah, was understood by […]

Genesis 1:2 Activity

Here’s what you learned in Genesis 1:2. You learned the common prefixes; ת (ta) and מ (ma). These sounds in front of a word is an indication that a phrase may begin with one of these prefixes. You learned the common suffixes; ת(t), ה(uh), י(ee), and ם (m). Words ending with these sounds may be […]

Genesis 1:2

Read the table from right to left starting at verse 2 and see if you recognize any words, fixes, or structural concepts from the previous verse. Do you remember their significance or what they mean?  והארץ is pronounced “WaHaErets” a three-part phrase; ו+ה+ארץ, and the Earth. היתה, pronounced “Hiyeetah”or “Hi-tah”. It is a three-part phrase; […]

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