April 18, 2024

To the wise | Some of us are seeking absolutes but the only unchanging absolute thing is Yahuah our Elahim whose character defies our expectations and understanding in such a way that we struggle to comprehend that, although unchanging His plan for us is always dynamic.

Hebrew Word | יהוה pronounced Yahuwah, was understood by our ancient ancestors to be the title of the God of Israel given to them from Him to Moshah (Moses). Most Bible scholars believe this means ‘I Am’ or ‘the existing one’ however this is not exactly correct.

In fact, the name means ‘he is the one who causes existence’. More clearly, the ancients would have understood this letter combination (יהוה) as ‘the manifestor‘.

Yahuwah is the one who manifests all that is manifested – existence!

So, if by definition, the God of Israel is the one who does all things, wouldn’t it stand that there is purpose in all things and as Ecclesiastes 3 says, ‘there is a season for all things’? Hense, His plans are dynamic… Ever-changing to the unevolved mind and never changing to those who understand His character.

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