Word of the Week | July 27, 2019

To the Wise | Contrary to what we are told, grace requires some things of us. In Numbers 2 the 12 tribes of Israel are grouped together. Each group of three families was assigned to sit at the four sides of the camp – North, South, East, and West. If we draw out how the nation was instructed to camp, a square encampment with the Levites and the tabernacle in the center will appear. The same word used in this story to mean “camp” is also the Hebrew word used in Noah’s story to mean “grace”. Today we may not see the connection, but these words are Hebraically identical. The camp and grace are actually represented of the purest form of protection. It is a mechanism of protection that involves someone who knows instructing someone who doesn’t and the one who does not know listens to those instructions; thus preserving themselves and others.

In Numbers, Yah extended grace to Israel by instructions Mosha (Moses), Mosha extended it by instructing Israel, and Israel accepted grace by observing the instructions handed down to them. Furthermore, Israel extended grace to one another in observing the instructions Yah sent by Mosha. Here is why…

Hebrew | Hen (חן) is the Hebrew word that both camp and grace. In its ancient form, it is the wall of the seed or walling the seed. In Numbers 2, Israel forms a wall around itself, its tabernacle, and its government, the priesthood (cohen).In this sense, Israel is walling off or protecting the seed.

In Genesis 6:8, it is said that Nuch (Noah) found grace in the sight of Yah because he was righteous and whole according to his generation, i.e. what was known by the ancients of Nuch’s day.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Yahuwah.

Genesis 6:8, KJV

ונח מצא חן בעיני יהוה

Gen 6:8, Aleppo Codex

The point is that what we call grace is the instructions for protection given to us by Yahuwah and others despite our faults, but the fulfillment of grace (that is, to be protected) we have to put in the work of obedience to those instructions like Nuch did in building the ark and enduring the criticisms. We have to follow, trust in, and rely on them for our protection like Israel did in setting up the camp exactly as Yahuwah instructed.

Grace is not a one-man show, it requires the cooperation of all who are involved to be realized.

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