June 22, 2024

Job 5 Translation

Summary Eliphaz goes from explaining to Job how his grieving affects others in chapter 4. Here he counsels Job to get his mind right. First he reminds Job to call on the set apart ones to respond to him. Then he warns Job about the dangers of anger and zealously. Reminding him also that we […]

Job 4 Translation

And he answered Eliphaz (God of gold), the southerner/the whole, and he said, ○ And Eliphaz, the southerner, responded saying, The test of her word to you trouble and stop in speaking of them who is able ○ You trouble the test of the word and stop speaking of those things which are done. These […]

Job 3 Translation

After so, opened Job the mark of his mouth and he belittled the mark of his day. ○ Afterward, Job opened his mouth, belittling the purpose of his day. And he answered Job and he said He will perish day I am one who will be born in him and the night say conceive her […]

Job 2 Translation

SUMMARY Hashatan describes himself as a wandering conqueror. So, Yahuah challenges him to try conquering Job. As Yahuah and Hashatan (Hashatan – literally, “the opposition”) discussed Job’s spiritual health, Yahuah guaranteed Hashatan that Job’s connection to his purpose was unwavering because he was whole, upright, perceptive, and turned away from dysfunction. Contrarily, Hashatan believed that […]

Job 1 Translation

A man existed in the land of Uz, Job his name. And existed the man the he whole and straight and he perceived Elahim and ruled from dysfunction ○ There was a man in the land of Uz named Job. He was a hole and upright man and he perceived Elahim and ruled apart from […]

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