May 25, 2024
  1. After so, opened Job the mark of his mouth and he belittled the mark of his day.
    ○ Afterward, Job opened his mouth, belittling the purpose of his day.
  2. And he answered Job and he said
  3. He will perish day I am one who will be born in him and the night say conceive her a warrior
    ○ And he responded to it saying, “let the day of my birth and night which spoke ‘conceive a warrior’, perish.
  4. The day the he will exist darkness to they will seek her the one who is her power from above and to she will be one who shines upon him her enlightenment.
    ○ That day is dark, certainly it’s power shall be sought from above and her enlightenment will shine upon that day.
  5. And they redeem her darkness and imitations she will dwell upon him upon him a cloud/her watch he will trouble her him like blackness of day
    ○ And they redeem the darkness and her image dwell upon that day, the cloud troubles it as a blackened day.
  6. That night the he they will seize her darkened to/not he will unite in the day of change/sleep/her two/a year in the number moons to/not he will enter
    ○ That night is stuck in darkness, certainly it has been adjoined to the day, a year in the number of moons certainly it shall continue.
  7. That they the night the he will exist the one who was barren to/not she will enter shouting in him.
    ○ That night was barren, certainly she will enter shouting in it.
  8. They will hollow her, cursing (acting on the first thought) day that prepared ones awaken? To be one who causes to give
    ○ They hollowed her out as a day that the prepared awaken to become a giver.
  9. They will darken stars of his twilight he will gather(quickly gather) to the light and produce and certainly he act accordingly in the blink of dawn.
    ○ The stars darken the twilight is gathered to the light and bring forth and act accordingly at the blink of dawn.
  10. Because not shut doors of my belly and he hid labor from my eyes.
    ○ All because the doors of my gut will not shut, nor the labor be hid from my sight.
  11. To what not from the womb I die from the belly he will have sent me out and I die (take a deep breath).
    ○ Why didn’t I die at birth, instead I came out taking a deep breath?
  12. Unknown/from one who is known ancient/my way before blessings and from her/what breasts because I did suckle/is cause to cry.
    ○ Unknown to me was my way before the blessings and breasts I would suckle when I cried. ???
  13. Because her time I did lay and I was tranquilized I did sleep then he rested to me.
    ○ Because that time I laid and was deeply unaware and sleeping then rest was given to me.
  14. People/with kings and a console of earth, the sons swords/waste his staff/to from him.
    ○ Kingly people and counsel of the earth waste away from it.
  15. Or the people’s, noble ones gold to them that fulfilled from their homes silver
    ○ Or the noble people’s gold is to those things that are fulfilled by their home’s money.
  16. Or as the fallen, deeply hidden not I will exist like yoked ones, not perceive he, light.
    ○ Or as the fallen who are in a deep sleep, hidden. I will not be as if yoked, not perceiving light.
  17. There departed ones reject shaking(agitation) and there they rest weary of chastisement.
    ○ There, the departed reject being rattled and rest, weary of chastisement.
  18. He will unite prisoners, our rest. Not hearing he voice of a driver(oppression).
    ○ Such are unified (as in feeling whole or content), prisoners, content, not hearing the voice of oppression.
  19. The little and the great, there is he and the servant and the free of his master.
    ○ The small and great as well as they that are free of their master.
  20. To what/her staff he gives to labor – light, and lives to the bitterness of soul.
    ○ To what does he give – to labor: light and lives, to a bitter soul?
  21. The from awaits to die and our production and he digs her him from the hidden treasures.
    ○ The awaiting of death and productivity and he digs that which is produced from the treasures
  22. That joyful ones to me uncover they push forth because they find a grave.
    ○ The joyful things are revealed to me. They push forth because they lead to a grave.
  23. To prevail which his way we hide her and he covers to him her in his until.
    ○ To prevail that wherein the way is hidden and cover the way again behind him.
  24. Because to the face my bread/fight I sigh having entered and they melt like water my roars.
    ○ Because in the face of my battle, I sigh as I enter and my roars melt away like water.
  25. Because disjointed I have been disjointed and he did mark me these and which my fears he did enter to me.
    ○ Because I have been disjointed and this is the evidence of my instability and where my fears lay.
  26. Not I did neglect him and not I did tranquilize(sleep) and not I did rest and he entered shaking.
    ○ I didn’t neglect him, nor did I sleep, nor did I rest, yet the conflict came.


Job questions why he has to be tried- made to experience things that others don’t have to experience. He says he never asked for this. He didn’t plan to be who he was. He compares himself to stillborn babies, people who weren’t “woke”, and ones who value material wealth… Saying they get rest, things are easier for them and it was so for himself when he was still asleep.

In the end, he acknowledged that his current condition was the revelation of everything in his life with the potential to break him. He says its the culmination of all his fears, instabilities, and uncertainties. He pointed out that he never neglected, ignored, or was inattentive to these things, yet it was all unraveling at once.

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