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Hashatan describes himself as a wandering conqueror. So, Yahuah challenges him to try conquering Job.

As Yahuah and Hashatan (Hashatan – literally, “the opposition”) discussed Job’s spiritual health, Yahuah guaranteed Hashatan that Job’s connection to his purpose was unwavering because he was whole, upright, perceptive, and turned away from dysfunction. Contrarily, Hashatan believed that if Job’s blessings were taken from him, he’d also lose his faith in God.

So, Yahuah challenge Hashatan to do anything but kill Job and observe Job’s unwillingness to submit to Hashatan. He gave Job boils and ailments from head to toe and Job sat in a bed of ash cutting open the boils. When his wife suggested he give up and die, Job condemned her foolish suggestions and refused to partake in such a negative exchange.

Job’s three friends who were appointed to support him through his tough times went to him and sat in the ashes with him for 7 days and nights speaking to him of his sorrowful appearance.

Chapter 3 begins to reveal the conversation the four men had over those 7 days and nights.

  1. And he existed that day, and they entered, the sons of the gods so that he stood upon/above, Yahuah and he was one who gathered together Hashatan in their presence (midst but the is the mark of the physical or the looming or immersable thing) so that he had stood upon/above, Yahuah.
    • And the day came when the sons of the gods entered so that Yahuwah stood above. It was He who had gathered Hashatan in their presence so that Yahuwah could stand above.
  2. And he said Yahuah to Hashatan where is this from you enter? And he answered Hashatan, the mark of Yahuah and he said, from שט (I interpret this to mean conquering, not to and from) in the earth and from having walked in her.
    • And Yahuah said to Hashatan “Where are you coming from?” And Hashatan answered, I am conquering and walking the earth.
  3. And he said Yahuah to Hashatan the name your heart/mind to my servant Job because cause to produce as from her him in the earth, a man whole and straight he perceives/he sees God/powers and turns from dysfunction and witnesses us/and his Eden from was strengthened in his wholeness and you will cause them to stir in him to devour him freely.
    • And Yahuah said to Hashatan “Do your hearts desire to my servant Job because you will produce a man who is whole, upright, and perceptive of אלהים and turns away from dysfunction and our witness was strengthened in his wholeness, although you will cause strife in him to freely devour him.
  4. And he answered, Hashatan, the mark of Yahuah, and he said, naked in until naked and all which is to the man he will give in until his soul.
    • And Hashatan answered Yahuah saying, “strip him bare and all he has he’ll give even until his soul” .
  5. The one to them/the one that is their God send please your hand and touch to his bone and to his flesh if not to your face he will bless you.
    • אלום send please your hand, touch his bone and flesh, surely not to your face he’ll bless you.
  6. And he said Yahuah to Hashatan his substance in your hand, how the purpose of his soul keeps.
    • And Yahuah said to Hashatan “his substance is in your hand; however, the purpose of his soul remains.”
  7. And he went out, Hashatan from the mark of the face of Yahuah and he physically abused the mark of Job in boil dysfunction from the palm of his foot and until the crown of his head.
    • And Hashatan went out from the face of Yahuah and he physically abused Job in boils of dysfunction from the souls of his feet to the crown of his head.
  8. And he took to him a potsherd so that would scrap in him he did sit in the midst of the ash?
    • And he took a potsherd and cut into himself as he sat in the midst of the ash.
  9.  And she said to him, his wife until you unseized(relinquish physical strength) your whole blessing power and die.
    • And his wife said to him, “until when will you let go of your blessing powers and die?”
  10. And he said to her like a word sister of the foolish things you speak of together the mark of dysfunction not we will take in all this not sin Job in his lips.
    • And he told her, “such a word is akin to foolish things you speak of, as well as the dysfunctional purpose. We will not partake in all this. Job did not sin with his lips.
  11. And they heard, three of Job’s friends the this, that come she upon him and the came a man from his own place, Eliphaz(God of gold) the Temanite (the southerner/ the whole) and Biladad (dispassionate) the Shochite (lowly)  and Tsophar (the early one), the Naamtite (the sweet) and they are appointed. They unite to enter to nod to him comfort/pity him.
    • And Job’s three friends heard what happened to him and each went to him from there respective places Eliphaz the southerner, Biladad the lowly, and Tsophar the sweet. They came together to comfort Job.
  12. And they pushed the mark of their eyes from a distance and not that cause his observance and they wept and they pushed their voice and they were torn each from upon himself and they sprinkled dust upon their heads, the heavens.
    • And they watch intensely from a distance so that Job wouldn’t notice and they wept and forced their voice and each was torn within themselves and they sprinkled dust into the sky above their heads.
  13. And they sat his mark to earth seven days and seven nights and produced a speech to him. A word because of his perception, because great the sorrow very.
    • And they sat with Job on the ground for 7 days and 7 nights and they developed a speech – a word regarding his appearance because the sorrow was very great.


  1. Not engaging in negativity helps us to endure in hard times.
  2. Our friends have been appointed to help us work through our grief and suffering, at times, putting aside their own in favor of supporting a friend through tough times.

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  1. Thank you for shedding true light on this scripture. I love this and I am learning so much. Please keep the information coming. I too am on my journey to really know the Father we serve. Thank you

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