May 25, 2024
1. Call please that there be one who answers you and to whom from the set apart ones you will face/turn.
    ○ Please call out that someone may answer. Which of the set apart ones will you face? 
2. Because to the one who is causing power/foolish, he kill, anger and her simplicity, she will cause death, zealousy/possessiveness 
    ○ Because anger kills the one leaning on his own power and simplicity brings about the death of the zealous. 
3. I I did perceive foolishness from the root cause and I did measure his abiding momentarily.
    ○ I've perceived such foolishness from it's root(fitsthand) and for a moment, I observed how it abides. 
4. They are far his lineage from saving and they break in the gate and cause to produce from from the shadow.
    ○ It is a long way from salvation and it breaches the gate and comes out of the shadows. 
5. Whom caused his harvest, he eats and to trade from them that take her and swallow, thirsting the cause of their power.
    ○ He who harvests, eats and trades it to whomever will take it, thirsting for that which empowers them. 
6. Because not he send out from the dust the one produced and from the ground not he spring forth laboring.
    ○ Because he didn't send that produce out from the dust, nor did he himself spring forth from the ground laboriously. 
7. Because the human to labor, he the one who is born and children spark, they cause to lift flying.
    ○ Because the human is born to labor and the son of a spark lift off flying.
8. אולם  I, I will seek to power and to Elahim I will cause my own words.
    ○ אלום I'll seek out power and direct my own word to Elahim. 
9. Do she great ones and cause to produce an examination we shall be/being performing ones until cause to perform from number/record.
    ○ Such accomplishes great things and results in an examination of what's been performed until it does so automatically. 
10. The we give rain upon face of the earth and send water upon face of the outside ones.
    ○ The way rain is given to the earth and water to all that is outside.
11. To the one named low ones to from the one high/to the heights and the dark ones lift him up he will delight/safely
    ○ So the one characterized as low to the one high and the darkened lifted up will delight.
12. Unfruitful from the inventions of bare ones and not she will do them, their hands prosper her
    ○ The naked are unfruitful by design and their hands will not prosper them.
13. Capture wise ones in their bareness/subtlety and counsels having twisted them shall hurry she 
    ○ The wise are captured in their bareness and counsels shall they twist having hurried her.???
14. Their day they meet dark and as her night they grope in shining ones/noondays.
    ○ Their day is dark wherein they meet and grope around in the daylight.
15. And saved from the sword from their mouth and from the hand strong, poor/I will understand them
    ○ And are saved by the sword of their mouth and by the strong hand of the poor.
16. And she existed to the vulnerable/door waiting and wicked(misuse of knowledge) close she her mouth. 
    ○ And she existed vulnerably waiting and wickedness closed her mouth.
17. These which are of man. He is one who will chastise, Eloah and one who instructs, Shadi. Certainly she will be dissolve/refuse.
    ○ These are of man. Eloah chastises and Shadi instructs. Certainly, it will be refuted.
18. Because he he did cause the sorrow and  bound he struck and his hands she heals them.
    ○ That it is he causing the sorrow and boundage, he strikes and his hands also heal all these.
19. In six troubled ones he will shadow you and in seven not he will touch in you, dysfunction.
    ○ In six troubles/troubled days you'll be shaded and in seven these dysfunctions will no longer harm you.
20. In hunger your redemption from death and in from fighting her from hand of a sword/waste
    ○ In your hunger is your redemption from death and in not fighting it, from the hand of the sword
21. In the whipping tounge you hide and not you act according to the perception from the breast/demon(a door being opened by pressure) because he is one who enters
    ○ In running your mouth, you hide, not acting according to the perception of the demon that enters. 
22. To the breast/demon and to famine you will laugh and from life of the earth certainly you will act accordingly/fear.
    ○ You'll laugh in the face of the demon and famine, yet from life  (people, animals, etc) of the earth certainly you act accordingly. 
23. Because people/with stones of the field 
your covenant and life of the field the wholeness of her to you.
    ○ Because your covenant is with the stones of the field and the life of the field makes you feel whole. 
24. And he/you will know because the one who was whole your tent and overseer of your dwelling and not you will sin.
    ○ And you will know that your wholeness is your tabernacle and housekeeper and you will not sin. 
25. And he/you will know because increase your seed and your offspring as the herb of the earth.
    ○ You will also know that your seed will increase and your offspring will be as the Earth's herb. 
26. You will be one who enters in old to of grave like rising ones mound(of grain) in his time.
    ○ In time, you'll gradually die of old age  like a rising mound. 
27. These this examine him her so  he hear them and her mark know to you.
    ○ Consider these things, hear them, and commit to your knowledge. 

Eliphaz goes from explaining to Job how his grieving affects others in chapter 4. Here he counsels Job to get his mind right.

First he reminds Job to call on the set apart ones to respond to him. Then he warns Job about the dangers of anger and zealously. Reminding him also that we sometimes seek power from other people and things when we should seek it from Elahim, the power source.

He tells Job we must seek power from the power source so that we can observe what works until it becomes natural to us, like how rain waters the earth.

Eliphaz also reminds Job that we have to be torn down to be built up, explaining that every good thing comes out of a bad thing… Light exists because there is darkness. He says Eloah chastises and Shadi instructs and that all this is God’s doing. Likewise he says God will heal it all.

He then began to prophecy that Job will be fine after 7 days of fasting and all that he lost and more will be returned to him and he’ll live a long life eventually dying from old age.

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