May 25, 2024

January 6, 2019

To the wise | In a world that is seemingly without definitive truth, Ancient Biblical Hebrew helps us see past what we are told into what is true that we may know because “without that knowledge, our people perish”. (Hosea 4:6)

Hebrew Word | דע pronounced ‘Da’, means to know. It is the root of words translated as opinion, comprehension, discernment, insight, why, know, and kinsmen.

It is also the word used to refer to male and female intimacy… i.e. “Abraham knew Sarah, and they conceived Isaac…”
Notice that this word is tied to us having an opinion, comprehension, discernment, insight, and asking why!
Knowing is intimate and to be intimate one must be open(ד) to know(ע). Knowledge must be sought. It requires an exchange and is not inherent but something we must be open and willing to achieve and uncover.

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