February 21, 2024

Many people see revelations as a doomsday prophecy which tells only of the wrath of God. This, however, is not the truth and we must study it for ourselves. The truth is that the revealing of truth is dependent on the person that truth is being revealed to. There are two sides to the prophecy of Revelation. On one side it’s about God’s wrath on Satan and the suffering of those he has deceived but on the other hand its a prophecy about the redemption and salvation of those same people. Depending on where you are in your life, you will see more clearly the wrath or salvation, but more importantly, you can identify what Satan has done and will do to try and deceive you so that you can overcome him, his image, and his mark.

Ultimately, Revelations reveals to us that we must choose him or Satan and if we choose Satan, we will partake in the wrath that is intended only for him, the beast, Babylon, and the false prophet. These are all of Satan constructs which he uses to deceive all of mankind.  Israel is his elect, whom he chose to reveal His truth and uncover Satan’s deception so that the world can make an informed decision about whose they are before Satan’s time is up.

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