May 25, 2024

1 His hearing, children [sons or their sons], instruction [bond] father [consent, desire] and his response to knowledge (is) understanding.

2 Because learn [take] good I did give their walk my law to/not you did leave him.

3 Because son I did exist to my father’s loin [tender] and he did unite [riddle] to face my mother.

4 And he did shouted with joy, and he said to me “he will hold my word your heart. keep my commands and live.

5 Losers wisdom. Possess understanding. Not [To] you will forget [find] and not [to] you will surround from my words [my wilderness] my mouth.

6 Not [To] you will leave her and she will keep you, her love, and she will narrow (as in make straight) you.

7 Beginning wisdom possess [gather] wisdom and in all your possessions, possess understanding.

8 Lift up and she did [will] lift you. She will honor you because you will embrace (her).

9 She will give to your head garland beauty. A crown of [literally head wreath] decoration she will deliver you.

10 Hear children and take my sayings and they abundant [master] to you, years of life [living ones].
11 In way wisdom the ways of your head in trenches straight [remnant].

12 In your walk he will trouble [press or straight] your march [pace]. And if you will run not you will topple.

13 The seize [strong] in instruction to [not] you will heal [idol] preserve her because she your life.

14 In path departed ones [wicked ones] not you will enter and not you will straight [happy] in way of dysfunctional ones [friends].

15 His revenge not you will cross in him turn from his work produce [purpose].

16 Because not they will sleep if not his dysfunction [evil] and we did pluck their sleep. If not they will topple [axe].

17 Because his bread fights departure and wine violence his drink.

18 And path straight ones like light shining the walk and light witness we firm [fondation] the day.

19 Way departed ones like darkness not they know in what they topple.

20 Children [my son] to my word the heed to my sayings surround your ears.

21 Not they perverse in your eyes. Keep them in middle your heart.
22 Because life [living ones] they [literally the them] to their finding and to all his flesh health.

23 From all custody [from keep] preserve your heart because from his portion she will go out, life [living ones].

24 The turn from tumble crookedness mouth and perverse lips the far tumble.

25 Your eyes to before they desolate [H1327 or look] and your eyelids they straight your front.

26 Ponder trench your foot and all your ways they will be firm.

27 To you [not]she will surround right and left, the turn your foot from dysfunction.

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