June 22, 2024

Proverbs 3

1 Children, my teachings to you will find [or forget] and my commandments thought [or mold or preserve] your mind [or heart]

2 Because long days and [again?] living and peace they will gather to you.

3 Kindness and truth to he will leave you their conspiracy upon your necks. their writing upon tablet of your heart/mind.

4 Find beauty and understand functionality in eyes of Elahim and humanity.

5 Cling to Yahuwah in all your heart and to your understanding to you will lean.

6 In all your ways knowledge him and he, he will straighten your path.

7 To you will exist wise in your eyes, fear [or he will see] targeting Yahuwah and remove from evil.

8 Health [or healed or dead] you will exist to your cord and marrow to your bones.

9 Heavy [glory] targetting Yahuwah from your substance and from beginning all you will be filled.

10 And they firstfruits your storehouse seven (complete) and wine of your wine troughs, they will breach.
11 Instruction Yahuwah children to you will dissolve and to end in his chastisements.

12 Because targeting which, he will love Yahuwah he will chastise and like gather targeting son, he will crush.

13 Which [or happy] human find wisdom and humanity he will crumble. You will plan [ understanding ] her.

14 Because functional trade from merchandise of desire [silver] and from diligence [gold] you will fill her.

15 Precious she (from my corners) from rubies and all your delights not he his equal in her.

16 Long days in her right hand. In her left hand, riches and honor.

17 Her ways, ways of sweetness and all her paths peace.

18 Tree of life [living ones], she to the ones from siezure in her and she will hold from which.

19 Yahuwah, in wisdom, founded the earth, firmed heaven in understanding [she will plan her].

20 In knowledge, seas we divide him and clouds they drop dew.

21 Children to he will perverse him from your eyes. Keep her success and discrete plan.

22 And they existed living ones to your soul and beauty to your neck.
23 Then you will walk to security your path and your foot not strike.

24 If you will lay, not you will fear and lay and sweet your sleep.

25 To you will fear [see] from shaking their moment and from crash [desolation] the departed ones because she will come.

26 Because Yahuwah he will exist in your confidence and keep your feet from capture.

27 To you will withhold good from his masters in existence to power your hands to doings.

28 To you will say to your friends [or desires] walk and turn and later I will give and there is your mark.

29 To you will keep silent upon your friend her evil and he, he will sit to secure your mark.

30 To you will have much, you will strive with humanity [people of humanity], their camp. If not your yield her evil [or friend].

31 To you will be zealous in man violence and to you will choose in all his ways.

32 Because you will hate [or disgust] Yahuwah, we will perverse and target [mark] the remnant of his counsel.
33 Irritate, Yahuwah, in house of the departed ones. And dwelling of straight or righteous ones he will bless you.

34 If to mockers he, he will mock and to the afflicted ones he will give beauty.

35 Honor wise ones. They will inherit. And the fools, their rebellion [H4805] is their shame.

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