Translation of Proverbs: Chapter 2

Proverbs 2
1 Children if you will take my words and my commands you will hide your mark.

2 To the heed to wisdom your ear you will spin your heart to you plan [or intelligence] her.

3 Because if to understand her you will call to plan her you will give your voice.

4 If you will seek her like desire Treasures you will search.

5 Then you will understand fear of Yahuwah and knowledge you will find.

6 Because Yahuwah he will give wisdom, from his mouth knowledge, and you will plan her.

7 And he will hide to remnant success shield [from garden] to my walk whole.

8 To preserve paths from judgment and way of kindness he will keep.

9 Then you will understand righteousness and from judgment and from remnants all trench [as an engraved path] good.

10 Because you enter wisdom in your heart and knowledge to your soul he is sweet.

11 Mischief [discrete plan] you will keep upon you. You will plan her your preservation.

12 To escape [H2020] from way of evil [or friends], from man from word [man’s word] you will overturn.

13 Leavers travel straight to walk in ways darkened?
14 Rejoicers to do dysfunction they rejoice in upside down friends [dysfunction]?

15 Which their travels crooked and perverse in their trenches?

16 To the escape of you from woman [or her fire] scattered [translated as strange] from her foreigner, her speech the smooth [devide].

17 Leave guidance of her youth and targeting covenant her gods she forgets?

18 Because bow to death her house and to dead her trenches.

19 All she enter, not he will turn, and not they will err paths of living ones.

20 So that you will walk in way functionalities and paths straight you will keep.

21 Because remnant they will dwell land and whole ones, they will remain in her.

22 And departed ones from land they cut off and treacherous ones they will be plucked from the portion.

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