Translation & Notes On Malachi: Chapter 1

These are raw translations… Not cleaned up or interpreted much, forcing readers to have to seek to understand for themselves from the Most High! What message did Yahuwah end by the hand of His messenger?

Malachi Chapter 1

1:1 Carry the load word of Yahuwah to Israel in the hand of My messenger [OR Malachi].

1:2 I loved you all said Yahuwah. And they said, in what loved us he? The negation of brother Esau to Jacob uttered Yahuwah and loved toward Jacob

1:3 And toward Esau my hatred and ashes toward his hill desolation and toward his heritage, hires from the word.[1]

1:4 Because she (the nation of Edom) says, Edom, our shattering and we turn and we build the ruins here, says Yahuwah of hosts, they will build and I will tear it down and call him to them the territory of wickedness and the people which enrage Yahuwah until eternity.

1:5 And your eyes they will see and their targeting, you say his magnificence, Yahuwah, from upon to the border of Israel.[2]

1:6 Son, he honors father and servant, his master and is Father I, where is my honor and if master I, where my teachers, says Yahuwah of hosts.  To them, the priests, despise my name and they say in what we despise you your name?

1:7 From turning upon my alter to theirs to defile. And say them, “In what we defile you?” In your saying, “Table of Yahuwah despise him?”[3]

1:8 And because of your turning blind to sacrifice empty evil and because you turn to limping and feeble empty, evil approaches him. Surely to your governor your pleasure or the exalting your face. says Yahuwah of hosts.[4]

1:9 And now the suffering face of God and his favor from your hand come to pass, such to raise from you their face, says Yahuwah of hosts.

1:10 Even in them and he shut the doors and not light shine my altar in vain. Not to me delight in you, say Yahuwah of hosts and offerings not pleasurable from your hands.

1:11 From the eastern sunrise and until to setting, great my name in nations and in all locations from join [or burn] from near [collectively a modifier and an action likely meaning to come near] to my name and offer her (the nations) clean. Because great my name in nations says Yahuwah of Hosts.

1:12 And target them to be defiled his oath in your saying table my master is defiled he and his fruit is despicable, his food.[5]

1:13 and they say, “Look, hardship”, and they gasp at his oath, says Yahuwah of hosts. And they enter to rob and target the limp and the feeble. And they enter targeting the pleasurable gift of her oath from your hand says Yahuwah.

1:14 And cursed the deceiver property of his male heard and vow and from destruction to masters because rule greater I, said Yahuwah of hosts and my name they fear in nations.

[1] People paid or who pays others to deviate from the word, which is also to go into the spiritual wilderness [מדבר]. See AHLB #1497-A and H8568 “a gift given to a harlot”. The descendants of Esau are those who lead nations away from God’s true word.

[2] Israel’s eyes will see Esau targeting them and they will magnify Yahuwah and his magnificence or magnification will be upon Israel unto its boarders.

[3] Those who should be the foundation of Israel, the priests instruct Israel to despise God’s table by turning it into Esau’s table and defiling it.

[4] Essentially, Yahuwah is saying, “You are seeking to please your political leaders and to exalt yourself with your vain sacrifices.”

[5] Or to eat

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