June 22, 2024

As I reflect on my study of the כשף, the Hebrew word translated as “sorcery”, I realize just how ignorant most humans are to the reality and duality of our existence

We want to see everything as either good or bad without understanding the purpose in it all.

We may think, for example, that if we follow God’s rules we are saved or that salvation is not earned but given freely, assuming that means we can be sinful and are excused even as we sin. Two incorrect extremes that, without interference, would both lead one to damnation.

The reality of life, Yahuah, and creation is that all things function according to a predestined set of laws purposed to guide the human toward understanding and knowledge that will lead to a choice. Step by step we choose to become more or less like Yahuah. It’s that simple.

For example, one creation law is that light and darkness cannot inhabit the same vessel. If there is darkness in me its all darkness and perhaps I have fooled myself into thinking I am good – a consequence of darkness. The revelation of that darkness is necessary that I may seek the light. Thus, we must come face to face with our demons in order to overcome them. So long as they are hidden from us, they will dwell in us. But having them revealed forces us to choose to keep or reject those things that are unlike Yahuah.
Still, there’s a complex science to it all. There are laws of creation.

For example, there must be a division between light and dark, some mechanism to distinguish one from the other. Another law related to the one above. Separating and gathering are mechanisms of this law. Essentially to choose Yahuah is to choose life which is to be separated by the door or vulnerability(ד) and gathered gradually(ג). Contrarily, to choose that which is dead is dead and is to be separated by the wall or invulnerable(ח) and quickly gathered(ק).

These principles may be easily understood. What isn’t so clear is that every person at the door was once trapped by the wall although many trapped by the wall has never seen and may never see the door.

See, for those who belong to Yahuah, there is purpose in the battle, so even sin is leading us to victory and its because of the wall that we can be at the door. But for others sin leads to death and the wall was purposed to lead them to death. (the wall is related to solid things, such as material things which are dead and invulnerable, the opposite of fluid(מ) and blood(דמ)

Somewhere inside there is an innate feeling about to whom we belong. A driving force within that never let us forget whose we are. We are either striving to please Yahuwah and to be “good” or to be pleased by false ideas of Him or some other false god. We all know unless we know nothing at all.

We all know unless we know nothing at all.

So let’s be honest with ourselves about what’s most important to us (in practice). Find your God and if he’s not who you thought he was, this is your chance to choose!

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