The Race & Color of Jesus the Christ

Since we’re on the subject of Yashua’s (Jesus) melanin status in the battle of slave descendents to reclaim their dignity and authentic identity…. Here’s some things for you to think about if you believe it doesn’t matter or he was white skinned.

All Common Sense Aside

No need to mention the obvious but I will… He and all his people, the authors of scripture, are from a region of melinated people who are often darker than many African Americans. This region sits on the same tectonic plate as the African continent, neighboring Egypt, another melinated region of Africa, and the Middle East is a made up European construct!

Those Things Pop-Religion Glaze Over

Now that that’s out the way… His shortened name was YASHUA. His full name Yahushua. He was a Hebrew man with a Hebrew name (Hebrew is of the African language family, often called Afro-Asiatic) who lived among Cannanites (African people) whose deciples and relatives (the lost sheep of the house of Israel) were distinct from others, poor, oppressed, working and slave class, routinely murdered and incarcerated by the local religious authorities and European Roman political powers, whose friends and deciples were literally called “black” (Simeon called Niger) and Lucius of Cyrene, which is in Libya (in Africa), and Black Egyptians such as Paul and others, including Joseph (Yosef) the son of Yacob AKA Yisharael (Jacob AKA Israel), were commonly mistaken for black Egyptians.

A Lack of Distinction From the Genesis

Not to mention many Israelites married African women. In fact, it was quite common from the Genesis of Noah’s descendents forward. But never do you read of Israelites or Shemites marrying Europeans or decendents of Jepheth. Moses married an Ethiopian, and many of the Israelite patriarchs married African women. Esau married Cannaniites. This is what we know from ancient texts, not religious conjecture.

Only Blacks Are Described By Their Esthetic Qualities

Every one in scripture who is identified by skin color is identified as black or bronzed skinned except when made white by disease. This is frequently done in the context of both Israelite and African biblical characters.

Why Have We Become Blind To These Blatant Historical Facts?

If now, we (in the European name (Jesus) and whitewashed identity of the Messiah) believe that Yashua, the majority of biblical figures, and the Hebrews, in general, were white, How does it not matter? It mattered when they were turned white. It mattered when their identity and our connection to that identity was stripped away!

When They “Saw Him” , They Begged Him To Leave…

When Yashua banished the demons out of the city of the Gergesenes (strangers – a common biblical reference for Europeans, Jephetic people, and people not native to the nation where they reside or take dominion). The people of that city came out to thank him and instead “WHEN THEY SAW HIM” they asked him to leave. Why? Clearly he didn’t look like the savior they’d expected. (Matthew 8:34)

Are You Awake Yet?

So before we defend whitewashing, we should STUDY our WORD for WISDOM and STOP depending on whitewashed religious doctrines and versions of scripture for guidance.

Study to show yourself approved. (2 Timothy 2:15)

You may not like hearing this but CHRISTIANITY (or any religion for that matter) WILL NOT SAVE YOU, ONLY LIVING IN the TRUTH that is in the WORD of GOD will SAVE you. To continue TO CHOOSE IGNORANCE is to CHOOSE SPIRITUAL DEATH.

They, the ROMAN empire, (who interpreted and bound ancient scrolls you call the BIBLE which was originally the history and culture of a MELINATED people of mixed African/Hametic and Middle Eastern/Semitic heritage, particularly Hebrew/Israelite descendents) took us out of the scriptures as an intentional measure to accomplish world and political dominance (do your research IT’S HISTORICAL FACT) . They achieved this by KEEPING US IGNORANT; thus, OPPRESSED.

It’s far time we come out of boundage.. Our 400 years are up! (Genesis 15)



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