July 22, 2024

I am so excited about his next book. In it, I share God’s mind-blowing revelations about the path demonstrated by the Israelite patriarchs, from Adam and Eve to Yahushua (Jesus). Yahuwah (God) confirms His unchanging character over and over again.

Today, I want to share an excerpt from my upcoming book “The Path”. Writing this book has taken me to a whole new depth of understanding humanity, my purpose, and God’s character. I hope it will do the same for you. The following is an excerpt from chapter 2  of the book. This section is titled “The Forbidden Fruit”.

While we have gained a demonized view of the Genesis events, there are a few things we must acknowledge about them. For example, we commonly assert that Eve committed a grave sin against God and is therefore the cause of humanity’s fall. From this comes the European understanding that women are inferior to men. Likewise, we are told that Cain is some evil person cursed by God. Some religions go so far as to teach that Cain is the antichrist or his descendants still live today and are Africans and African Americans.

All sorts of stigmas and fallacious ideas have come from these first four chapters of Genesis. The following portions of this book will help to set the record straight.

We can start by asking the question, “Why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden in the first place?” Is He a vain god that He would do so without reason? Or is He not omniscient that He wouldn’t know that the two humans and the serpent, whom He created, would partake in this chain of events? Remember, he said that they would eat from the tree and would, therefore, be subject to death.

Now, this death was not a physical death, because Genesis 3:22 tells us that the tree of life was guarded from humanity so that they would not live forever. This tells us that Adam and Eve were never immortal beings. So the death in question can only be a spiritual death where one can lose his God-given spirit or the image in which he was created.

The next question is, what is the point of it all? First, let’s start with the fact that there were two special trees in the garden. One was the tree of life and the other the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Assuming God placed both trees in the garden for a reason and He knew the humans would eventually eat from the tree of knowledge of function and dysfunction, what was the reason?

Humanity likes to believe that man was created perfect and sinless. The truth is they were blameless like a new born baby, because they did not know function and dysfunction or good and evil. We assume this means they did not commit evil and only good. Genesis tells us that this isn’t so.

First, Adam, and Eve displayed dysfunction when they chose to eat the fruit despite being warned by God of the consequences and commanded not to eat or touch it.  Likewise, they demonstrated more of their dysfunction when they came to the truth of what dysfunction was and immediately recognized their nakedness as dysfunctional.

So we can see that it is feasible that the death God was referring to was not a physical death, but the death of His image in man. By coming to know function and dysfunction or good and evil, they were now subject to the death of their God-image because they could choose not to live in that image.

Yah than sends Adam and Eve out of the garden and guards the path to the tree of life. He says he does this so that they don’t also eat from the tree of life and gain everlasting life. The repercussions would be devastating since humanity now had the ability to experience spiritual death. Imagine a spiritually dead person, or a person who has forfeited their God-image, who is also physically immortal!

At this point in the creation story, the tree of knowledge is bearing its fruit in humanity and God guards the path to the tree of life. Notice that he didn’t destroy, but guards the way to get back to it, confirming that God did in fact have a divine purpose for both trees.

Eve choosing to eat from the tree of knowledge was the beginning of choice. Her decision yielded like fruit as the tree of knowledge created a plethora of choices which would bring us full circle to choose life or death, that is God’s image or the image of the adversary.

The lesson in this is that, God’s plans and his thinking is far more advanced than our own. While we like to categorize everything as either good or bad, He uses what is “bad” to accomplish that which is good. Nevertheless, we must all make the ultimate decision to be have everlasting life or eternal death which is also to choose operate functionally or dysfunctional.

Essentially, Yahuwah has prepared a path that accounts for our human weaknesses and imperfections. These weaknesses and imperfections are mostly the result of us not having complete or correct knowledge of function and dysfunction, which causes us to error. Otherwise, a person has this complete knowledge and willfully chooses to act dysfunctional; thus, setting them apart as the adversary of Yahuwah.

So, a better question, now, isn’t “Was the fruit forbidden?”, but “What must we do and endure now that we have eaten of it?” This book aims to answer this question.

Nevertheless, I will answer the former question… As with everything else God created, the tree of knowledge of good and evil had its own function, i.e. purpose. While He would have preferred Adam and Eve to obey Him, the tree was not placed in the garden for their destruction, but for their fulfillment. It was forbidden, but also had purpose. It gave humanity choice – the option to choose God or to become the adversary.

This same principle still applies today. We can choose God or choose to be His adversary – the ones who war against Him. Even as we make decisions in our everyday lives, we are faced with this choice. God wants us to choose the easier path, but even when we choose the more difficult way, he has made our error useful in getting us back to His designated path. He wants us, by obedience to Him, to be protected from the hardships that await our missteps.

As we will learn throughout the rest of the Bible and this book, everything God requires of us is purposed to keep us on His path. Following this path keeps us from the hardships that come as a result of our error. This is what he did for Adam and Eve with the tree of knowledge and it is what he does for us every day. However, like Adam and Eve, humanity rarely chooses the easier way which is the straighter path; therefore, most of us learn the straight path by taking the crooked way. God made this a possibility because He knows and loves us, but He prefers we take the straighter path without having to endure the strife of the crooked and bumpy road!

Most of us learn the straighter path, by first taking the crooked road. – Rev. D. Buck

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