July 22, 2024

We hear the God of Abraham called by many names. Some of these names are listed below.

Jehovah – Adonai (My Lord or Lord) – El (God) – Elohim(gods) – Yehovah – Yah – Yahweh – El Shaddai (God Almighty)

But what should you call him?

The confusion about His real name stems from a belief held by the interpreters of the scriptures we read in our Holy Bible today. They believed the name was too holy or sacred to be spoken and therefore, replaced it with other words such as some of those you see above. The tetragrammaton YHWH, sometimes rendered as YHVH, was often replaced by these titles or translated as some of the above names.

The true name of any person is their character – who they exist as. Ironically, the name of God has been interpreted to mean THE EXISTING ONE.
Yah has revealed his name to me to be יה, which translates to YAH, so this is what I call him. The bible supports this as God is referred to by this name throughout the bible. Additionally, Hebrew names contained the Hebrew letters יה and are translated to indicate the name of the God of Israel.

Jesus’ given name is a perfect example of this. But before we go on, let’s look at some of the names that Jesus is called.

Jesus – Christ – Son of man – Son of God – Son of David – The Word – Master – Lord – Yeshua – Yahushua

His Hebrew name is יהושוע and is pronounced Yahushua, meaning Yah is Salvation. “Yah”, because the first two Hebrew letters are the same as the name of God, “יה”., while the rest of the letters is a Hebrew phrase meaning ‘ is to save’. His Aramaic name, which was most likely his given name, was Yeshua, meaning He is Salvation.

Now, I don’t know about you, but our ancestors had their names forcibly changed at least once in our known history and I would prefer not to have my name changed to accommodate a particular language.  Can you imagine moving to Greece and being called some completely different name, then going to Africa and having to take on yet another name, and another when you travel to China? Nope, my name will do just fine. The only person I want changing my name is Yah!

So, in summary, God’s name, as he has given it to me is Yah and Jesus’ Hebrew name is Yahushua, although I am still working on that one, most often I call him Yeshua, instead because it was the first name I learned for him. The names are very similar, except it appears one means He Will Save and the other means Yah is Salvation.

This is a perfect example of why knowing the correct name is so important. There is a significant distinction between “He Will Save” and “Yah is Salvation”.  “He” can be anyone. I’ll take Yah is Salvation for 100 Bob!

Nonetheless, when in doubt, just remember that He will always be THE EXISTING ONE, the God of YOUR fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! (Exodus 3:15)  and Yahushua will always be Israel’s salvation, given to them by Yah! See their and our true names are about function, not title – it is our identity!

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