Scattered Among the Nations by Kingdom Preppers

Kingdom Preppers  YouTube channel is an awesome resource for learning about our Israelite identity. This is a series of videos created by Kingdom Preppers titled (The True Hebrew Israelite) Scattered Among the Nations. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. I’m trying to find locations to celebrate Passover and other important feast. I live in rural southern America, therefore finding like-minded individuals seems to be quite difficult.

    1. Hi Christian! I also live in the south (Louisiana) and have no one to fellowship with. So I do understand and it’s a common complaint. This walk is a lonely one for many people. Where do you live?

  2. Shalom! Me and my husband live in RI. We are looking for the honest hearted ones, that loves YAH! To get together with, for the feast days. It has been almost two years know, that ABBA spirit,allow me to see that the church, or so called congregation of today is nothing more than a place where synagogue of satan dwell. I made a decision not to be part of none of them. Please! If you can be of any assistance to my husband and I, in regard to the feast days, We’ll greatly appreciate your help.Because we are new on all of this. Many blessings to you, and all the brethrens throughout the world.

    1. Shalom Maria,
      We have this challenge in common. In fact, many who are now walking in truth have this same issue. However, let’s look at it from Yah’s perspective. When our people came together at Mt. Horeb (Deut 9), what happened? They created an idol and worshipped it. Because of this, they were sent to their tents and not allowed to gather.

      This doesn’t mean that we should never gather, but it reveals why Yah makes it difficult for us to gather right now. The church, particularly the black church, is a prime example of what happens when we get together in and soon after captivity.

      My point is to remember that Yahuwah is in control. He has us right where we are for a reason. It is so easy to begin to idolize those who act as leaders in groups… And by human nature, when we come together, we tend to form pseudo-churches, where there are BIG YOU’S and little i’s. This is not the way of Yahuwah and it wasn’t the way of our Messiah. An exchange must take place in fellowship. Every person must be free to speak and question what is being said… We haven’t gotten to the point where we fellowship in that way, except here on the internet…lol!

      So stay encouraged and accept that Yah is strengthening you and your husband and others like us so that when we do begin to fellowship we are not persuaded to make molten calves of those who appear “smarter” or more knowledgeable than we are about the walk.

      Anyway, in Yah’s time, you will meet families to celebrate feast days with. For now feast with your own family, in your own tent, because this is what Yah has deemed best for us right now. You and your husband should master the word and the feast days so that no one will ever be able to steer you in the wrong direction.

      With love,

  3. I have been asking, where are my people that I am to assemble with? How do I keep the Sabbath? I googled a Hebrew calendar and found kingdom I started watching the videos. Then tonight I found this site. I am not black. I stopped going to church and celebrating holidays years ago because they are all lies. I have been an outcast since. It is not good to be alone.

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