New Beginnings

As we anxiously await confirmation of our new beginnings in California, I started thinking that this is a chance to start anew. Leaving the old things that hold me back in Louisiana seems to be a part of Yahuah’s plan for me. So I searched scripture to see how to reset… How can I use this move as an opportunity to grow and to be the person Yahuah has been cultivating me to be?

I came across Isaiah 43. Oddly enough, I recently read a similar chapter (Isaiah 60) in response to a friend’s completely different question… Or so it would seem…

Her question was, “Should Black Americans take Ghana up on their offer to return to the motherland?” I now understand that this is the same question. If given a chance at a fresh start how should we accept? Notice I didn’t say if, but how! Moving to a new place doesn’t automatically equate to a fresh start, how you do it determines if it will change the course of your life in a positive or negative way. I, for one, want to do it with Yahuwah in mind. But how can I use this experience to make my FATHER proud?

As I began to Read Isaiah 43, I cried as chills overtook my body. It was like reading a beautiful love letter from my Creator directly to me and it was the exact answer to my question.

Verse one read, “At that time, so said Yahuah, Jacob fills you and Israel presses you. Certainly, you will act accordingly because I have redeemed you. I have called your name. To me it is purposed.”

And the tears began to roll. Every person on this journey will, at some point, lose faith in their ability to please Yahuwah. I have several times over! Still, I keep pushing because I have no other choice. I am drawn to Him by a power so strong it could only be Him. I felt validated by the Word at this moment.

But then I read this…

Isaiah 43:2 For you will pass through the waters and in the rivers and they will not overtake you. You will walk through fire and it will not burn you and in it, you will not burn. 3 Because I am Yahuwah your God. The one who set Israel apart, your savior. I have given Egypt, Cush, and Sheba as your fruit under you.

He doesn’t promise we won’t go through anything while on this journey, but that we will come out unharmed because He is out God, he set us apart, and he made African nations the fruit we bare.

As if this weren’t enough to melt my soul into His hands.

He says…

Isaiah 43:4 From which you were precious in my eyes. You have been honorable and I love you. I will give you humanity under you and to be bound under your soul.

He has given us African nations as our own fruit and all of humanity to be bound to us (not in bondage to us).

Isaiah 43:5 Certainly, you will act accordingly because I am your mark. From the East, I will bring your seed and out of the west, I’ll gather you.

K… Now, this could resonate so deeply because Yahuwah is literally bringing me to the west coast… But still, you must admit this is a beautiful image. His people will be brought from the East to the west, where they will be gathered.

Isaiah 43:6 Say to the north “Give me” and to the south “Certainly you will restrain the coming out of my son from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth.”

I know that Israel is scattered throughout the world but in terms of America, it would be the South that would make leaving difficult. This also hits close to home as it relates to my question.

Anyway, I encourage you to study this entire chapter… It’s a good one!

The moral of this story, though, is that Yahuwah is in control. When we are to be gathered Yah will be the inspiration for our move in a particular direction and he will ensure we reach our destination. and when we arrive, we will find that he has already set our path. If it were not so, we would not have made it there in the first place. Maybe this wasn’t always true, but in these last days, I am certain it is.


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