May 25, 2024

Yeshua uses several parables to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is and how to enter into it. These parables also tell us about it’s origin, purpose, duty, and fate. If you claim to be a part of this Kingdom, there are some things you absolutely must understand about it… Its revealed in this video!

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    1. Hi Nathan, I have wondered the same thing. I haven’t done a thorough study on the matter yet, but my suspicion is that the Kingdom of Heaven refers to a state of being and the Kingdom of God refers to the people or souls who make up God’s Kingdom.

      What I do know with certainty, is that the Kingdom of Heaven is the state of understanding the will of God. It is his laws, statutes and commandments and a deep understanding or spiritual insight of the such. As a result of having this understanding, we enter into the Kingdom – knowing the character and identity of the One True God, thus knowing your own identity and purpose. Simply put, the Kingdom of Heaven is knowledge of God’s Truth – not what man says it is, but what it actually is.

      The bible says this about the Kingdom of Heaven: (1) Mat 3:2 – It was at hand at the time of the Messiah’s coming. (2)Mat 4:17- We must repent to access it. (3) Mat 5:19 – even those who “sin”, can be a part of it; however, they would be the “least” in it. (4) Mat 5:20 – A person who is less righteous than the Pharisees could not enter. (Because the Pharisees were not righteous, except in there own eyes. As such, they cannot see, not accept the truth, because they believe they already have it.) (5) Mat 7:21 – Not everyone who calls to “Jesus” will enter into it, but only those who “DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER”. (6) Mat 11:12 – John the Baptist was not a part of it. It became attainable after John preached, preparing the way for our Messiah. It already existed, but was subdued or in captivity by violence.

      Thanks for the question. I will study this more in depth and post a segment about it and we’ll see if my suspicions can hold water 🙂

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