July 22, 2024

As I wrapped up my creation laws study for my next book, part of my “Learn Hebrew” series, I had an unexpected takeaway… Judge not!

I was reassured that this journey is an individual one. I can’t expect others to have my experience, purpose, or understanding. First, Yah didn’t make them like that. Second, it is He who defined purpose from the beginning. Who am I to redefine it?

This journey is not about the guilty and the innocent, because by the standards of man, every person is guilty. And by Yah’s standards, no man alive has the wisdom to judge guilt or innocence. Such is defined by these laws of creation and of Yah.

One question makes us all incapable of judging others wisely… Is the other person functioning in their purpose? An unanswerable question, except by God, because the only purpose we can ever become absolutely certain of is our own… And many of us can’t do that.

A murderer today may be purposed to give life tomorrow. We can judge him by earthly means, standards, and measures but we cannot judge his soul; rather he will burn in hell or dwell safely in New Jerusalem.

We know, however, within ourselves, of which we are worthy. And we choose within ourselves, to pursue the light of New Jerusalem and of God and the Lamb. Otherwise, we choose to pursue the world and its purposes, the mark of the beast.

Every day my goal is to become more of whatever Yah wants me to be. Every day I study to learn what that is. Every day I am convinced that I’m on the right path – not perfect but doing what it takes to be made perfect. Every day, Yah grows inside of me, his light illuminating to blot out all darkness and to reveal all that is hidden within me… The good and the bad!
Every day I battle demons, wrestle with failures and misguided desires. Every day I overcome temptation and try to hone my God power and to let nothing but God be in control of me.
This is an everyday journey, there is no rest until we accomplish our purpose. Weekly and annual sabbaths are for practice and preparation. The real sabbath comes only after we do what we were sent here to do, regardless of what that may be.

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