June 22, 2024

Here is an excerpt of my soon to be released book The Purging – Interpretation of Revelations. Let me know what you think!

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. -Revelations 21:8

John reveals what it means to overcome and who will experience the lake of fire. He says the fearful and others will be thrown into the lake of fire. This is because the fearful are overcome by their fear and the unbelieving are overcome by their unbelief.

This is significant because this verse is giving an inside look at the nature and natural consequence of sin.  See, it is not simply sinning that will cause some to be cast into the lake of fire, but the natural result of their sin. A fearful person will be too afraid to acknowledge the truth of Yah, because He does not fit into the world’s carnal box. This carnal box is the constraints created by man that tells us what is and is not possible, natural, or healthy. When we redefine these things we are exposed to our true reality which is that the “impossible” is highly possible, the supernatural can be the natural, and the so-called unhealthy thoughts, ideas, and ways of life are often the healthiest for our souls. These people fear not being like everyone else and because of this fear, they are not capable of separating themselves from the norms of man to connect with the One True God. This is the reason they are being cast into the lake of fire, because they never connected with him for direction, guidance, and their needs.

He literally wants to save us, but we can only be saved if we know his true nature and being, which we can ultimately only learn from Him through his Holy Spirit. Separating ourselves by being different from the world is in fact what we must do. It is what Yeshua taught Israel in the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

All of these groups of people being thrown into the lake have one thing in common, they lack real faith in the One True God.

The Old and New Testament teaches us that it is by faith that we are healed. When we believe wholeheartedly in our God, we have no fear except in disappointing Him. We will not murder, even to save our own lives, because we have an understanding that Yah’s plan will be done and that beyond physical life, we have eternal spiritual life.

So many believe wholeheartedly that they believe, but do they really? Faith is not a matter of the mind, but of the heart and when someone has an urge in their heart, they typically cannot be disturbed. They will eat, sleep, and breathe that desire, passion, or belief and will not be shaken.

Think about the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.[1] They did not fight for their lives, but trusted in God when they were thrown into the furnace. Likewise, Daniel did not fight for his life when placed in the lion’s den, but he held on to his faith and prayed for deliverance.[2] In both cases, the men understood that if it were God’s will for them to die, then his will would be done and if it were not his will, then they would live.

This exemplifies what it means to have faith… Not only to say we believe, but to act as we believe. Arming ourselves with weapons for the coming tribulations will not save our souls, but condemn them to an eternity in hell. Yeshua warned us that if we tried to save our lives we would lose it. In other words, if we love our lives on earth so much we will end up forfeiting our souls to save it.

On the other hand, when a person believes with his mind, his mind can be changed and isn’t truly convinced, but wants to be convinced. There is a difference between wanting something and having it. You can want a million dollars, but that doesn’t make you a millionaire. We can’t just want to believe, this isn’t faith. We have to believe and live as though we believe. To believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Yeshua is to believe in and live out his teachings.

If someone told you that your house was on fire and you smelled smoke, would you stand there “wanting to believe” or would you grab your family and run? Faith is belief with the action to back it up. If we are being told the Truth of God and not acting on that truth, how much do we believe? Like the dangers of a fire, it is a life and death situation, except Yah’s truth regards your eternal life. When we lack faith, we fear and make wrong choices. This is where all sin transpires.

Despite what man says, it is never okay for us to do these things listed in chapter 21, verse 8, because as you can clearly see, those who do not repent of these things will be thrown into the lake of fire. There is no “but if you believe with all your mind, you shall be saved” attached to this verse or any other place in the bible. No, you must believe with all of your heart, meaning you must act on your belief.

When you get to know your God personally, what you will learn is that He is all action and not idle. There is no vanity or idleness in Him. He hates these things; therefore, nothing in His word or will, will constitute vanity or idleness. He is all about action.  Realizing this brings you one step closer to understanding his word and will. By this you can discern true prophets from false ones and sincere preachers from corrupt ones. If ever they speak or teach that God does not require action from you like the famous “Just believe, come to church, and pay your tithes” lie, beware.

Jesus didn’t teach us about tithes, vain belief, or even going to “synagogues”. What he taught us was to be righteous and holy so that we can connect with our Father for direction and salvation. We can’t get the victory of the adversary by being like him because he is the master of evil, lies, and deception. We overcome by being opposite of him and like our Father and Yeshua, holy.

So drop the fairytales of an empty salvation, and realize that Yeshua the Messiah saves us through his life, that is his teachings, his death, which is his sacrifice for love, and his resurrection that is the Spirit of Yah he made available to us by giving us knowledge of the True God. Through these three events, God manifested his supernatural power, which he made available to us.

A lack of true faith in the truth Yeshua taught leads people to become fearful, unbelieving, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolators, and liars. It is this real faith that saves us from these things.

~Reverend D. Buck

[1] Daniel 3

[2] Daniel 6

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