July 22, 2024

Please know that I tried. I tried to prepare for Shabbat but could not think of where to go next.

As I tried, I started thinking of 10/30/2020 again. Will the impending pivot be abundant life on earth or in heaven? Will it be the day that all hell breaks loose? Will it be a day that seems like any other, yet, in the spiritual realm nothing is or will ever be the same? Will it mark the moment of our redemption, the moment when Israel becomes the head and not the tail? Will it somehow be all these things?

Likewise, I’ve tried to prepare you and myself for this day in case it is a Shabbat unlike any other. I worked hard to teach you what I know to instill in you who I am, to prepare you incase I’m wrong and incase I’m right… To never doubt that IT is possible, be it good or bad – favorable or unfavorable… To never be so certain that IT isn’t real… but always be vigilant and discerning about how you respond to IT and cover all your bases.

Trust only in Yahuah. Not in me or them or him or her and most definitely NEVER in IT.

Tomorrow will come and with it, new challenges… For every old struggle will in time fade. Trust in this too… That you serve a purposeful GOD who built this life to be sustainable… Hence, they say he will never give you more than you can bear; although in truth, HE does give us more than we can bear. It is by giving us more than we think we can bear that he evolves us into GOD-Children in its most literal sense – to be bearers of all things. And as we bear new burdens old burdens become less significant… As we face new battles the war becomes a faded image in the background of our lives… As the new arrives the old fades. And in this we are made to bear the unbearable and accomplish the impossible.

Remember that the destination for us ALL is the garden from whence we were all produced and the Mind from which we were all conceived – the mind of YAHUAH our Elahim. As such, all separations that matter to us and to GOD are temporary and superficial. For over US, death has no power. For US, LIFE is eternal. It is like light, infinitely traveling and travailing over darkness… Encapsulating and consuming everything in its way… Prevailing over every obstacle in its path.

As for me, I have tried and will keep trying and pushing this bolder uphill because Yah made me to stive relentlessly in hope of overcoming all things… inclined to bear all things… Even this.

With the purest love & a most earnest heart,

PS. I know where to go next. Back to the garden – Genesis.

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