June 22, 2024

On a personal mission for reproof, I was inspired to study Proverbs. At first, Yahuwah led me to study chapter 18, then to begin with chapter 1 verse 1. As I studied this line by line, it was so illuminating. So I am sharing the raw Hebrew translation with you.

Now, keep in mind that translations of scripture are, in many cases, very subjective. Most Hebrew root words have dual meanings. The most commonly used translations of scripture, such as the KJV, succinctly translate scripture so that the message is almost always the same. However, in many cases, this does not make the translation infallible. It simply means that proceeding translations follow the lead of preceding translations to some degree.

Another consideration is interpretation. All translators rely on some level of interpretation of ideas and meanings. Although I try to avoid interpretation it isn’t completely avoidable.  Additionally, prefix,  suffix, and affix translations can make a major difference in how certain words are translated. For example, the Hebrew phrase תפילה in verse 14 below can mean “pleading” or “you will fall”. The reason is that the Hebrew letter ת (tav) is also a prefix meaning “you will or she will”  and the remaining portion of the word, “פילה” means fall. So who decided which the original scribes intended?

Still, another consideration is in Hebrew, adding or taking away one letter in a word can completely change the meaning of a word or not change the meaning at all. For example, אב means father, but אבה means consent. Also, because the ה (hey) is also a suffix meaning her or of her,  אבה can also mean her father.

Another thing to consider is that the original scripture had NO punctuation. So all the periods, commas, and semicolons and even separation of verses and chapters are a modern insertion to scripture that relies heavily on the understanding of others.

The point I am making is that we rely heavily on the translations, understanding, and interpretations of others to understand scripture. But what might we be missing by doing this?

What you will see here is an alternative translation. I provide my suggestion as to what I believe was intended and in brackets [any reasonable alternative translation] and notes, where applicable.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below!

Proverbs 1:1 Comparisons of Solomon Son of David king of Israel.

2 To knowledge wisdom and instruction to the understanding my sayings understanding [or in safekeeping].

3 To learn instruction the wisdom righteous/straight and from judgment and from straightness.

4 To nail [root is תת] to vulnerable ones subtly, to young men of knowledge and mischief.

5 He will keep wisdom and he did gather to learn. And we will plan councils he will gather.

6 To understand comparison and interpretation my word wise ones and their riddles.

7 He will see [or fear] Yahuwah beginning knowledge wisdom and instruction fools despise.

8 Hear children [my son] instruction your Father and to you will spread law/teachings your mother.

9 Because join camp [or beauty] them to your head and collars to your necks.

10 Children [or my son] if your wondering, sins [or sinners] to you come,

11 If they say walk her targeting us, we struggle [or locust, also related to ambush] to blood, we hide to innocent their beauty [or freely/freedom].

12 We swallow them like grave living and whole ones like he did descend clean [or pit]

13 All substance [or sufficient] he will call [or precious] we will find our houses [or in his gift] spoil.
14 Your lot you will fall [or pleading from תפילה] in our midst bag one existing to us all.

15 Children to you will walk in way your mark withhold your foot from their path.

16 Because their feet to evil they run and they are quick to pour blood.

17 Because freely [or their beauty] from scatter [or wind or pitchfork] the net [or heads] in eyes all in rulers hidden [or like a drive]

18 And the to their blood [or silence] they ambush, they hide [or they watch us] to their souls.

19 So paths all profit, profit targetting soul of his masters [or in his rising] he will take.

20 Wisdom in outside she shout her in widened places she give her voice.

21 In top the the seas [or multitude] she in opening gates [reasoning] in city her saying she say.

22 Until when their simplicity [or holes] she love him simplicity and scorning, scorn his desire to them and fools they will hate knowledge.

23 She turn him to my chastisements here I will seek [root בעה meaning seek H1158] to them my spirit I will add knowledge of my word your mark.

24 Watch I did call and you refused [or and filled us] I did spread my hand and nothing from response.
25 And you/she will loose him all my trees and you/she did my chastisements, not you consented.

26 Gather me in your heap I will pulverize I will mock in entrance your shaking.

27 In entrance like storm your shaking and your heap like whirlwind he arrive in entrance upon you trouble and burden.

28 This he will call me and not I will answer. He will darken me and not he will find me.

29 You shiver because his hatred of knowledge and he will see [and fear] Yahuwah not his choice.

30 Not his father to my trees. We will compel him all my chastisements.

31 And they will eat the fruits of their way and from their counsel they will swear.

32 Because from return simple ones she trample them and drew them out fools you will destroy them.

33 And hear to me he will dwell securely. And rest from shaking dysfunction.

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