May 25, 2024

This morning as I listened to the most inspirational Hebrew music by Hadarah Batyah, called “Goodmorning Yah”, I was inspired to share these two new passions that Yah placed in my heart over the past two years.

For as long, I have felt a push to begin gardening and to go back to school to become a physician – a childhood desire that I had long forgotten. As for gardening, I always felt I was cursed with my mother’s thumbs (they weren’t green). Everything we tried to grow died and did not produce.

Within the past year, however, I had an experience with a tomato plant. (Yes a tomato plant). Last year, as I was failing miserably at growing my own veggies, I threw out an immature green tomato that my son had pulled off the store-bought plant into a compost pile. As winter weather approached this perfect plant began to mature in the compost pile. It became a perfect tree and tomatoes began to bud and grow – all without anyone touching or watering it.

One day as I wondered at the pest-free, perfect plant, it dawned on me that God is better at producing than we are. He is the master and creator of production and creation. Also, being that my given name means fertilizer in Hebrew, I had an epiphany. I recognized this tomato plant and my inability to produce was a metaphor for my God-given purpose and abilities. I was a fertilizer trying to plant seed!

See, God ordains whom he chooses for certain tasks. He didn’t ordain me for seed sewing, but for assisting seed to grow. That is, my purpose is to provide an ideal environment for the seed to flourish and produce. Thing is, not all seed that is sewn will produce.

The parable of sower given to us by Yahusha (Jesus) in Matthew 13 is evidence of this truth. He said some seed fell by the wayside and were devoured by birds, some fell on stony places and were burned, some fell among thorns and were choked, but others fell on good ground and produced fruit.

For the first time, I understood that my purpose was never to be the first point of contact -the one who spills the seed. Rather, I am one who nurtures the seed planted on good ground – the fertilizer.

That being said, the realization of this tomato tree metaphor was my chastisement. I was yearning to be something that I wasn’t – to abide in a calling that was not my own. I wondered why so many people are attracted to others who still don’t fully understand Yah’s word, thus they mislead them. I tried to understand why people preaching hate and antibiblical doctrine had captured so much of Israel’s attention. I fathomed how it was possible that so many of us accept that “We are the people!”, yet never question, “What are we the people supposed to do now that we know? What are we the people of?” In other words, so few understand the purpose of being chosen and end up believing and doing the exact opposite of what they have been chosen for. But now, I understood that it just isn’t fertilizing time for most people, since most people have not made it to the good ground!

Nonetheless, I also came to the realization that I had to learn to produce physical fruit before I could master helping to produce spiritual fruit. So, here I am producing fruit…






Interestingly, I had some pepper plants that were literally taken by birds… lol! I’m pretty sure that has a spiritual significance as well. Apparently, they weren’t firmly planted. I also had one plant infected with disease caused by beetles… Some just didn’t grow for some unknown reason (they weren’t heirloom or organic). The point is I am still mastering fertilizing to produce fruit. I strongly believe that part of the problem is that we try to do too much (including GMO seeds). Yah has grown things without our help since the beginning of time and now it seems we think he needs us to produce the fruit.  One thing is certain though – I will not give up until I receive all that Yahuah has in store for me… Every knowledge, purpose, and calling he has ordained for me is received with gratitude.

The second passion that I have taken up, is “medicine”. I have begun taking medical courses and plan to help people go back to the natural ways of gaining and maintaining good health.  I believe this starts with education. We need to understand our bodies as Yah created it and know what western medicine is and is not. Not that I am trying to live to be 100, but whatever time we do have on this earth shouldn’t be spent in unnecessary misery, addiction and dependency,  and healthcare debt.  Cause see as long as our eyes are on these types of problems, they are not on God. Ultimately, I want to contribute to Israel setting their eyes on God once again.

Yah has given me the wisdom to know that I need to first understand the functional workings of the human body before I can understand what it is we should be going back to. I am examining how Yah created the human body to function and how we corrupt his order with bad lifestyle choices. These are the things that make us sick – putting things in and doing things with our body that our bodies weren’t created for. Yes, all these things can be found in books such as Leviticus… Problem is, its been in the good book for thousands of years and most of us no longer recognize its true purpose and value. Perhaps connecting God’s word with what we now understand because of science can help us all to appreciate the value of God’s commandments regarding health and hygiene.

I also believe, that knowing these things will help me better understand certain spiritual truths. For example, I have already learned that there is a correlation between cancer and the spiritual condition of humanity, even of Israel in particular. Cancerous cells are cells without a function. They are neither functional or dysfunctional but have no function at all. These cells can be compared to Adam and Eve before they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Genesis tells us that before eating the fruit of this tree, they did not know good or evil. In the words for good and evil are “towb”, translated good, meaning function, or the word “ra”, which we translate as evil, literally meaning dysfunction. So, Adam and Eve were without function, like a cancer cell.  This simply means they did not know what they were supposed to do as humans. Because they didn’t know what to do, they just reproduced and followed God’s instruction to the best of their ability not understanding why or what they were. Most importantly, they existed not having purpose simply because they did not know it.

Similarly, cancer cells multiply, creating more functionless cells that eventually overtake good tissue. As each generation continues to replicate sporadically throughout the healthy tissue, good tissue becomes dysfunctional – blocked from functioning by these purposeless invader cells. The cancer cell is neither functional nor dysfunctional. It has no nucleus, which is equivalent to a human without a brain or mind. This mindless cell, therefore, has no direction or built-in instructions; thus, it doesn’t have an expiration date like other cells and it doesn’t know what to do so it just replicates until it has killed its host. Like humanity, cells actually do have purpose, but those that do not know what purpose they are supposed to serve becomes destructive cancers.

The same can be seen in all of humanity, and as mentioned previously, especially in Israel. Most people do not know their function, their purpose and they replicate more functionless people who, like cancer cells, multiply and destroy the healthy among them. I believe cancer is the result of this spiritual condition – or the physical manifestation of it.

Paul reveals that this is how the physical and spiritual work when he says that homosexuality is the result of a spiritual human condition – our propensity to love the created things rather than the one who created them. (Romans 1)

Likewise, cancer is a physical manifestation of humanity’s ignorance of their purpose and function. We do not understand what we are and what we are supposed to accomplish so we just procreate and destroy what is good in this world.

Despite that fact that I believe most people want to do good in the world, we self-destruct, lacking the knowledge that is important to all of humanity… knowledge of our God-given purpose as a species and as individuals!

My passion to thrive led me to God. My passion to know led me to scripture. My passion to grow led me to garden.

And now my passion to heal is leading me to medicine!

I can definitely see a pattern arising out of the chaos and randomness that seems to be my life!

I hope this post helps you to understand and recognize God’s purpose for you… understand that your entire life, all your “messed up” experiences are bringing you closer to your God-given function. Sometimes it only becomes obvious we began looking for it in the right places. 🙂


Shalom Family!




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