July 22, 2024

Ever woke up one day thinking nothing spectacular would happen, sure that you knew what you knew? And BOOM  someone lays a “You are not the father! ” type truth on you that changes everything.

Today was one of those days for me. As I’m writing a Biblical Hebrew Lesson book on Genesis, it dawns on me what it really means that God is not the God of the dead but of the living.

I had heard it a million times, but it was only today that I realized this statement doesn’t only apply to dead verses living people, but He is literally the God of all living things!

The Genesis story tells us that the dark space, the earth and the sea existed before creation, but light and all of modern life was created by God. Then it dawned on me…

First, God didn’t create those things wherein there is no life. He didn’t create the rocks and the dirt, metals, and minerals. He didn’t create the material used to build machinery, jewelry, cars, and weapons and many of those things we value so dearly. He created us, our food, the materials that clothe us, and all of life and everything necessary for a functional existence.

Second, before all of this, Genesis points out that the main thing necessary for function and the existence of life is the light. That same light is the one Yashua talked about. The one that we must shine. The one whose children we are. The light the messiah repeatedly taught was inside of those who choose it.

The third realization I had was that God has nothing to do with my “stuff”. He provides what is necessary for me to choose to aquire stuff but my house, my car, my clothes… Yahuwah has never been concerned with these things that are all dead. His concern is the living.
I always tell people “Yah doesn’t care about your stuff. He cares about you.” Still, it wasn’t until today that this message settled in my own mind.

As a person who grew up Christian this blew my mind. Yes, I understood I shouldn’t care about material things. Yashua made it very clear that we shouldn’t. But today, complete understanding of why set in and changed my perspective.

Finally, I realized that God did not remove the things that existed before His creation. He left them, giving to them things that were the opposite of what had already existed here on earth. He gave light to the darkness, revealed land beneath the waters, he gave vegetation to a barren ground, and bred life on a lifeless planet.

Because he did this, humanity has always had the power to choose the death that existed before Yah intervened or the life He made availible to mankind. Ultimately, this is the only choice we ever have to make. Everything else is inconsequential because every personal decision is a choice between life or death, light and darkness, and God and His adversaries.

Today, I realized that as careful as I had tried to be, I still had my own heart condition to deal with. Deep within, I still believed that we could pray or believe our way into material wealth. I thought it was okay to focus on having things if you’re going to do God’s work with it. But the truth is, God doesn’t need or want our money. He wants us and the reason he doesn’t have most of us already is because of our ambitions and other things we treasure that get in the way.

Today, I learned a little more about my real daddy! I now understand that all that He gives is life and is for life. It’s sustanance, not worldly treasure that would serve no purpose but to replace and conceal Him. We get those things on our own. I also understood why he demands that we give him back life. He doesn’t take foreign currency.

Our mind and eyes must always remain on Him, lest we be filled with darkness all the while thinking it’s light. – Matthew 6:19-34

I’m so grateful for this revelation. I hope it helps you as it has me!

באהבה שלום
In love be whole

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