June 22, 2024

Here’s what you learned in Genesis 1:3-5.

Try to remember what the prefixes, suffixes, and root words listed in the notes below mean. Go back and look at the meanings if you can’t remember.

  • You learned the prefixes; כ (ka) and ל (la). These sounds in front of a word is an indication that the phrase might begin with a prefix.
  • We learned 12 new Hebrew words; אמר, אור, כי, טוב, בדל, בין, קרא, יום, לילה, ערב, בקר, and אחד

Answered Questions

Verse 3

What Was Done (he said) | Who Did It (Elahim)| What did he say (exist light) | What Happened as a result (light existed)

Verse 4

What Was Done (he perceived) | Who Did It (Elahim)| What did he perceive (the mark of the light) | Why (for function)

What Was Done (he separated) | Who Did It (Elahim)| What did he separate (between the light and between the darkness)

Verse 5

What Was Done (he called) | Who Did It (Elahim)| What did he call (to the light and to the darkness) | What did he call it (day and night)

Who (he)| What did he do (existed)| Who existed (darkness and morning) | What was this (day one)

Can you say these verses?

יאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי אור 3 <-

Try It! WaYaAmar Elaheem YaHi Owr WaYaHi Owr

וירא אלהים את האור כי טוב ויבדל אלהים בין האור ובין החשך 4 <-

Try It! WaYaReh Elaheem Et HaOwr Kai Towb WaYaBedal Elaheem Baeen HaOwr WaBaeen HaCheShach

ויקרא אלהים לאור יום ולחשך קרא לילה ויהי ערב ויהי בקר יום אחד  (פ) 5 <-

Try it! WaYaKoreh Elaheem LaOwr Yowm WaLaCheShach Koreh Lailah WaYahi Oreb WaYahi Bekor Yowm Achad

If we were reading this as a modern-day novel, we would have just completed the first paragraph or topic of this chapter as indicated by the (פ) at the end of the 5th verse. The פ is usually present in modern manuscripts for subdivided sections. Here it is each of the seven days that are being subdivided within the chapter. The dead sea scrolls suggest that these markings, punctuation, and chapter and verse numbers were not part of the original texts but were added later by more modern manuscript scribes.

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