June 22, 2024

1 I did say I in my mind go she now I have been covered in her joy and perceive her in function and these are also empty.

  • In my mind, I said it is going now. I have been covered in joy and saw function, but these too are empty.

2 To laugh I did say from the one shining and to her joy. What this does she?

  • Laughably, I said ‘It is from praise and to it is joy.’ What does it do?

3 I did tour in my heart/mind to draw in wine the mark of my flesh/in my representation and my mind/heart is driven in her wisdom and so hold/I will envision in foolish ones until which I will perceive her – how this function to the sons of the human which  they do under the heavens from the recorded days of their lives.

  • I searched my mind to draw out in the wine of my flesh and my mind was directed by wisdom and so I will envision the foolish(worldly/material) things until I see it… How is this functional to humanity, these things which are done under the heavens throughout their lives?

4 I did the great from my doing.. I built to me houses. I planted to me vineyards

  • I was magnified by my own efforts. I built my houses. I planted my vineyards.

5 I did to me gardens and orchards and  I planted in them trees of every fruit

  • I did my gardens and orchards and planted all the fruit trees in them.

6 I did do to me blessing waters so that drinking ones from them a forest/he will waken sprouting trees.

  • I made my irrigation systems so that the forest would drink and sprout trees.

7 I did acquire servants and joined ones/maids and children of the house existed she to me gathered from her possession cattle and sheep that great exist she to me from any who exist he to the face/before in Jerusalem.

  • I acquired servants and maidens and the children of my house. I had possessions of cattle and sheep that exceeded anyone else who ever existed in Jerusalem.

8 I did gather/like I did compel to me gathered silver and gold jewels of kings and the ones from the cause of judgment… I did do to me male cords/singers and female cords/singers (this is in strange form and may mean something else. Usually both male and female persons would be included in the word with “ים” at the end.) and luxuries of the children of the human, a field/instrument and fields/instruments.

  • I demanded the silver and gold jewels of kings and those who were judged. I Instituted male and female representatives/singers and human luxuries such as a field and instruments.

9 And I did great and I was the one who gathered/stored up from all who existed to the face/before in Jerusalem. Yet/A nose/Anger my wisdoms/I did wisely stood she/her stand to me.

  • I did magnify and was the one who stored up more than anyone in Jerusalem ever had. Yet my wisdom stood.

10 And all which asked my eyes, not I did set-aside from them. Not I did withhold the purpose/mark of my mind/heart from any joy because my heart rejoiced from all my labor and this existed my portion from all my labor.

  • And everything my eyes desired, I didn’t withstand. I didn’t withhold from the purpose of my mind and joy(attempt at self-fulfillment) because my heart was pleased with my efforts and this was the result of my own efforts.

11 And I did face I in all from my doings which do he (which were done) of my hands and in the labor which I did labor to the done ones and that they the all the vain and dysfunctional ones of spirit and nothing more under the sun.

  • And I had to face the consequences of my actions which were done by my hands and the effort I put forth to do them and they were all in vain and spiritually dysfunctional and nothing more under the sun.

12 And I did face I to the perceptions of her wisdom and shining ones(enlightenments) and foolish ones {do בכל word Study}. Because from her/what, the human who will come after me, the king, mark which already do he her him.

  • And I was faced with perceiving wisdom and enlightenment and foolery. Because from it those who come after me walk from that which was previously done.

13 And I did perceive I who exist(caused to be six) more to her wisdom from the foolish ones like more the light from the darkness.

  • And I recognized that I was more wise than foolish, likewise, more light than darkness.

14 The wise, his eyes in his head and the fool in darkness the one who walks and I knew gathered I who was called from her one he did call her the purpose of all them.

  • The eyes of the wise are in his head and the fool in darkness is the one who walks and I knew also that it was I who was called from her. One did call the purpose of it all.

15 And I did say I in my heart /mind like from her calling, the fool gather I he had I called and to from her(to what/her guidance) my wisdoms (I did wisely) I time/then more and I did speak in my heart/mind who gather this the vanity.

  • And I said in my mind, as from her calling, I am the fool also. So what is my wisdom? Am I then more and I spoke to my mind which is also empty.

16 Because nothing remembers to the wise/wisdom gather the fool to forever in which already the days the coming ones that all had forgotten and how he will die. The wisdom gather (perhaps together with) the fool.

  • Because there is not remembrance to the wise also the fool forever in which the coming days are already forgotten and how he will die, the wise together with the fool.

17 And I did change (translated hate?) the mark of the living ones because dysfunction upon me that from her doing which had done her under the sun because that all the vanity and dysfunctional ones of spirit.

  • And I changed lives because of my dysfunction which were done under the sun because it was all empty and spiritually dysfunctional.

18 And I did (press the source of energy) I the mark of all my labors which I labored under the sun which caused us sighing to humanity who he will exist after me.

  • And I accomplished the purpose of my efforts in which I labored under the sun which cause grief to the humanity which will come after me.

19 And from me one who knows that wise he will exist or foolish(this word isn’t really foolish, but a state David describes as securing human desires to be fulfilled. It’s literally joy complete or protect complete as to attempt to be made whole or happy by physical means)  and he rule in all my labors which I labored and which I wisdom(ed) [wisdom is a verb meaning to physically act according to one’s understanding] under the sun gather this the emptiness.

  • And from me one who knows that he will be wise or foolish and he will rule in all my efforts which I labored and did wisely under the sun.

20 And I did him(my surroundings) I to despair the mark of my heart upon all the labor which I did labor under the sun because exist/he who human which  labor he in her wisdom and in knowledge and in success and to human which not labor in him they are given his portion gather this the emptiness and her dysfunction her great.

  • And I did despair the purpose of my mind regarding all the efforts in which I labored under the sun because he who is human which has not labored in these things will be given his portion. This too is empty and greatly dysfunctional.

22 Because from her he to the human in all his labor and in great dysfunctions of his heart /mind which he labored under the sun.

  • Because what is all the efforts to humanity and his mind is greatly dysfunctional with his labors which were done under the sun.

23 Because all his days from sorrow and anger causes his affliction gather in the night not lay his mind/heart. Gather this that empty he.

  • Because all his days go from sorrow to anger causing his affliction even at night his mind does not lay. Also, this is that which empty him.

24 Nothing functional in human which he eats and drinks and that her perception the mark of his soul function in his labor gather this I did perceive I because the hand of the powers/gods she.

  • Nothing of the human is functional which he eats or drinks and the perception of the purpose of his soul function in his efforts. I also recognized this because of the hand of the powers.

25 Because from me/who he eat and who he silent/bound apart from my portion(from me).

  • Because who is he that eats and is silent apart from me?

26 Because to the human which function to his face had given wisdom and knowledge and her joy and to the one who errors had given affliction to garner and to gather to give to function to the face of

The powers/gods gather this the emptiness and dysfunctional ones of the spirit.

  • Because the functional human before him had given wisdom, knowledge, and joy and to the one who errors, affliction to garner and gather to give function before the powers. Also, this is emptiness and spiritually dysfunctional.


Solomon defines and explains joy as a purely human instinct and attempt to be self-fulfilled by material things.

He explains that nothing we do for self-fulfillment is actually fulfilling. Rather, we end up doing a bunch of stuff that is not helpful to humanity and often harmful instead.

He describes that even wisdom itself does not set us apart it only makes us capable of accomplishing “joy”.

He asserts that we are unsatisfied creatures for whom basic abilities are unvalued and we are always wanting.

He ends this chapter by saying that it is untrue to say that the good gets knowledge, wisdom and joy and the bad gather to themselves afflictions.

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