Days Of The Week

Today is Wednesday, it’s not special in many ways.

It’s not like Friday, the last day of the work week,

Or like Thursday, when we recall the past we seek.

It’s not like party Saturday, which should be Sabbath rest day.

Nor is it like church Sunday or back to work Monday.
But just like Tuesday and every other day,

It’s another chance to breathe, love, laugh, and pray.

Another day to mend broken relationships, including our relationship with God and His Word.

Another day to pursue God’s perfection, anointment, and appointment and investigate what we’ve heard.

It’s another day to be forgiven by His grace, to find Him in His place, and to recognize His face.

So as I type these words to you I am praying all these things you receive,

That this day and everyday be filled with all these blessings of YHWH, in whom we believe!

Written By Deshina Buck

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