May 25, 2024

Creation Premise: The Creator is omnipresent. There is an intelligent power that spoke function into dysfunction, creating all things that are capable of functioning.  Elahim is the ONE that fulfilled the purpose of all things in the heaven and in the Earth. He is a single unit of multiple beings of power. It’s in the title that He is called, “Elahim”.

Yashua and the author of John understood the omnipresent nature of God. They knew that God is one and many. Yashua explained this in John 14 where he says, he is in the Father and we are in him and the Father is in us. This is also evident in scriptures where Yashua’s identity as God himself is ambiguous, such as in Matthew 1:23, where his name is given, “God with us”.

John 1 explains how Elahim brought order to dysfunction by making Himself a light able to be comprehended by humanity and able to fill us and make us children of the light, or children of God.

God is ONE God as we are told in Deuteronomy 6:4 but he has many bodies because He is the omnipresent light that fills these bodies, including Yashua. Yashua tells us a lot about the light, as we’ll see in a moment.

Creation Law #1: Elahim brings function to dysfunction. God brought life into a dead and disastrous Earth. He took what was dysfunctional and made it functional by causing the wind to flutter over the waters and giving it light and a protective sheet in the heavens.

As you’ll see later, he does the same thing with Adam and with us all every day. Yashua’s entire ministry is evidence of this. He was sent into a dysfunctional world to bring function. He taught us that we are also to be that which causes function in this world, the light. He also taught that the was the way, the truth, and the life.[1] That life is the same life that entered the Earth, making it functional during this creation and the same one that enters Adam in Genesis 2.

Elahim always introduces function where there is dysfunction, creating choice and balance!

Creation Law #2: Elahim is the God of the living, not of the dead. The darkness, the Earth, and its waters predate all biblical events. These were not things created by God. In fact, Genesis reveals that the Earth had been devastated by some natural disaster or was undeveloped prior to this creation story. The darkness, Earth, and water had already existed at the time of the Genesis events.

Genesis immediately reveals that the Earth was a dark disaster-stricken wasteland completely covered by water when a powerful wind blew over the water, changing the nature of this planet.

Yashua understood this. He always spoke of the “foundation of the world” never the creation of it. The founding of something is its establishment or reestablishment, not its formation or creation. When a person founds a company, that does not imply that they built the building the company is housed in. It appears every one of New Testament times understood this truth, as it seems to have been common knowledge.[2]

The only creation Yashua referred to was that of the living things Elahim created, not the dead.[3]  The Earth is dead, water is dead, and darkness is death. In fact, he specifically pointed out that our Father is the God of the living, not of the dead.[4]

So, in the creation story, it is made clear that He did not create any dead thing – no rock, no darkness, no dirt, no land mass, and no water. He created everything wherein there is life; i.e. light, plants, trees, animals, bugs, and people.

Thus, He is literally the God of the living😊

Creation Law #3: Functional life requires light. Function begins by shining light in dark places.  Genesis says Elahim spoke light into existence as it was necessary for function.  It was the very first thing He created in the dark and desolate planet. This reveals that what is dark must receive light before it can become functional.

Yashua taught that all hidden things must be revealed. [5] He also spoke of the light coming into this world, explaining that it was Israel and it was him.[6]

John best explains the light as it relates to the beginning. In John 1, he tells how the Word brought order to disorder in the beginning and the created things did not comprehend the light. He said, whoever would comprehend it would be made children of the light and of God. Then he tells us that one did comprehend it and his name was Yashua. This light is the same light that existed from the beginning, to light this once darkened planet. This same light is the one with the power to light a dark creation. 

What Yashua does is reveal the light in a way humanity can comprehend it, thus making them walk in the light.  Through him, we can understand the light that is God and all those he created to be the light!

This is the law; Functional Life Requires Light!

Creation Law #4: Having been separated by God, light and dark cannot mix. He made dark and light two separate things, divided by Him. He called the dark side of the separation, night and the lit side of the separation, day. He characterizes what is dark and what is light. He is the one that distinguishes one from the other and the one that causes them to be distinguished.  

Yashua reveals his knowledge of the law of light and darkness. When he said things like, “You can’t serve two masters, either you will love one or hate the other.”[7]  This is consistent with the law of dark and light.

In Matthew 6 he talks about the light and darkness, explaining that the light is something that enters the dark vessels, which are our bodies, through the eye. He says a “single eye” is the cause of a body filled with light, but an evil eye causes the body to be filled with darkness. He is saying when your two eyes are united you are filled with light, but if just one eye is evil your whole body is filled with darkness.

He questions if, one’s light is darkness, how great is that darkness? The point is, if we think we are good but we are sometimes bad, than how bad are we really? If our darkness is hidden even from us, then how can we know the measure of that darkness that is within us? Yashua infers that all of it is darkness, rather we know it or not.

He closes this lesson by saying, no person can serve two masters. We can’t have both the light and dark inside of us because darkness cannot exist in light and vice versa. We will either love the darkness and hate the light or love the light and hate the darkness. In this lesson, he reveals that the light is God and the darkness is whatever we treasure that is not like our Creator.

There you go! Darkness and light cannot mix. They were created to be kept separate by God ever since He spoke light into existence at the foundation of the world!

SpeechAs we continue to learn Hebrew and the creation laws, try to identify the laws as they pertain to humanity today or in your own life and experiences. Ask yourself what the creation events say about God’s character and how He functions. 

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