July 22, 2024
  1. In year one a to Dariosh, son of Acheshorosh, from the seed of Medi (Japheth - Caucasus/Turkey region) who reigns over the kingdom of the Chaldeans (people from the region of Ur north of the. Hebrew descendents of Abraham's brother, Nahor)
  2. In year one of his reign, i Daniel did observe the history books (lit. In the books of records of the years) which existed the word of Yahuah to Jeremiah the prophet to the wasting fulfillments of Jerusalem 70 years.
  3. And I gave my face to Adonai the God to seek prayer (lit. A sign of judgment. Perhaps right direction) and graces in fasting and sackcloth (translated as סק bu could be שק relating to drinking and overflow) and ash (lit. Energy of fruit. Signifying an abundance of something)
  4. And I prayed to Yahuah my God and I thanked her and said, "I plead Adonai the Great Power and the one who shall be seen gaurding the covenant and the kindness to the lovers of him and to the keeper of his commands.
  5. We sin and are twisted, departed and rebellious and turn from your commands and from your judgment.
  6. And we have not listened to your servants the prophets which spoke in your name to our kings, our nobility, and our fathers and to all people of the earth.
  7. To you, Adonai the righteousness and to us shamful faces like this to each Yahudah and to the dwellers of Jerusalem and to all Israel that are nearby and the ones far way. In all the lands where they've been driven there in their transgression in you.
  8. Yahuah, to us is the face of shame. To our kings, to our rulers, and to our fathers are our sin towards you.
  9. To Adonai our God the Merciful the forgive-full because of our rebellion in him.
  10. And we didn't listen in voice our God to walk in his teachings which were given to our face in the hands of his servants the prophets
  11. And all Israel crossed him your teachings and turned to never/not listening in your voice and you poured(translated נתך instead of תך (midst)) upon us tge power and the seven(oath/commitment) which is written in the teachings of Moses the servant of God because of our sins toward him.
  12. And he stood his word which was spoken upon us and upon our judges who judged us so that enter upon us great dysfunction which had not been done under all the heavens like which shall be done in Jerusalem.
  13. Like which was written in the teachings of Moses all the dysfunction that are coming upon us and not penetrate us face of Yahuah our God to turn from our guilt and so that we be made to understand (סכל translated instead ofפשכל ) in your truth.
  14. And he watched Yahuah upon the dysfunction and he enteref her upon us because of righteousness Yahuah our God upon all from his doing which is dome and nor listen us in his voice.
  15. And now Lord our God which is the one who sent yoyr people from the land of Egypt in a strong hand and has done to you there as this day our sin or departing.
  16. Lord as all your righteousness turn please your anger and fire from your city, Jerusalem, your set apart mountain because in our sins and in the guilt of our fathers, Jerusalem and your people to be a the taunted to all surrounding us
  17. And now hear our God to the prayer of your servant and to his supplication and the order (light) of your face(before you) upon from your set-apart (translated sanctuary) that are desolate to watch from (translated, your sake) my lord.
  18. Stretch, my Lord, your ear and hear. Open your eyes and see our desolations and the city which we call your name upon based not upon our own righteousness we ourselves have made us fall. Our supplications to your before you are based upon your great mercies.
  19. Lord hear. Lord forgive. Lord Respond and do not willfully delay to your purpose my God because yoyr namr we call upon your city and upon your people.
  20. And at this time I from speaking, from praying and from admitting my sins and the sins of my people, Israel and from falling my supplications to the face of Yahuah my God upon the set-apart mount of my God.
  21. At this time I'm from speaking in prayer and the man Gabriel which i saw in a vision flew in wings touched to me like a time from resting (from gift) of the evening.
  22. And he informed and spoke with me(my people) and he said "Daniel now I'm sent so that to make you distinguish between(to get full understanding/descern)
  23. In the opening of your supplications (referring to Jeremiah's 70 year prophecy about Jerusalem's destruction-Jerimiah 25) he sent out a word and I've come so that tell because desires you and understanding in the word and that build/consider in from sight(fulfillment)
  24. 70 weeks shall devide you upon your people and upon your set-apart city to restict the revolution and so to seal sins and to cover guilt and so that enter righteousness forever and to seal vision and prophecy and to annoint the set-apartness of the set-apart ones.
  25. And you will know and you will have full understanding from sending forth a word so that return and to rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah cause to tell (prince) weeks 7 and 62 you will return and build a widen (a broad or broader area) and a wall and in burdens of the times.
  26. Afterwards the weeks 32 he will be cut, Messiah, and the product to him and the city and the set-apart he will destroy people teller(prince) that enter and his end in a flood(overflowing /flushing) and until end from the war shall be distinct desolations.
  27. And the prevailing covenant to many seven (maybe week) one and and half the week he will cease the sacrifice(killing) and from her rest(gift) and upon wings of abomination (detestable ones) desolate and until its consumed and it shall be distinctly poured (shall be in the middle) upon desolation.

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