April 18, 2024

Today I officially released my first book “The Purging of Evil“. It is an interpretation of The Book of Revelations that could only have come by the power of my Elohim, Yah!

This book will definitely change the readers’ perspectives as it did mine as God taught me its meaning, mesage, and purpose. It not only taught me about the end times, but about the world, life, and spiritual conditions itself.

Originally, I was going to name is “Out of Darkness” which was also a good title to convey the message of Revelations. However, as I neared the end of the book I realized that all of end times prophecy reveal one single truth… God is not ridding the world of humanity, but of the evil that is trying to consume humanity.

The Book o f Revelations is not some dramatized image of dragons and cherubim, but of all of mankind and our roles in the last days. These last days, by the way, are only the last days of humanity being separate from God and His truth.

in Revelations, there is so much to be learned about life and about God’s character, as well as our own. All and all, we are told that we must all choose a path, that is, we must choose which side of the war we will fight on. It brings clarity that has the power to free the world from falsehoods, divisions, and lies.

Download The Purging of Evil here for free and comment what you think as you read it!

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